How to Get SBI Bank Account Statement Online

There are times when you require your bank account statement urgently. In such cases visiting to your bank branch and getting the statement is time consuming. If you use Internet banking then you can generate the required statement online and download it to your PC within minutes.

If you are SBI customer and want to get SBI bank account statement online then worry not. Read on to know the step by step process to do so.

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You can either get a statement for a specified period of time or for a month or year. Your requirement may be any, you can view, print or save the statement in excel or PDF format based on your requirement.

Steps to generate SBI account statement online:

Step 1: Login to your SBI internet banking with your credentials by visiting url:

online sbi login

Step 2: Go to ‘My Accounts and profile‘ from header menu and click on ‘account statement‘. A new page will open up.

sbi account statement

Step 3: Now, select an account for which you require the statement to be generated.

Step 4: Now, you have to select option for the statement period. You can specify start date and end date to get account statement in between any particular two dates.

This can be done by selecting the first option ‘By Date‘. In the second option you can get a statement for any specific month by providing the input of month and year for which you want the statement to be generated. Choose any option as per your requirement and provide the inputs to proceed next.

Step 5:  The third section of the page requires information related to the outcome. Whether you want to view, print or save the generated statement and if so then in which format.

download sbi account statement online

Important Notes:

  1. Select the first option ‘View‘, if you want to view your SBI statement online. You also need to select the number of records to be displayed in each page. You can select any one of the options (100, 75, 50, 25 or all records).
  2. Select the second option ‘View and Print‘, if you want to take a print of your SBI account statement
  3. Select option third ‘Download in MS Excel format‘, if you want to download your SBI account statement to your computer in MS Excel format
  4. You can also download the statement in PDF format by selecting the fourth option ‘Download in PDF Format

Step 6: Now, click on ‘Go‘ tab to perform the desired action.

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