Latest OBC Non Creamy Layer Income Limit 2019

Do you belong to OBC? Do you remain updated with the new government regulations and rules for OBC? Do you have any idea about Creamy Layer? The most important thing about creamy layer is if an individual belongs to OBC and exceeds the income limit set by the government and is better educated, he/she will not be eligible for any government-sponsored educational programs as well as other professional benefits.

Individuals from OBC’s creamy layer can’t get the reservation benefits after a certain level. If you belong to OBC, then you should be aware of the creamy layer and non-creamy layer as well as its income limit so that you could figure out your rights of claiming the reservation facilities offered for OBC.

Current income limit set for the non-creamy category

If your income is up to 8 Lakhs per annum and you belong to OBC reservation quota, you will come under the non-creamy layer. Earlier the income limit for non-creamy layer was 6 Lakhs P.A, but now the limit increased to 8 Lakhs. Any individual’s parents having less income than 8 Lakhs P.A will be able to avail the benefits of OBC reservation and would get the non-creamy certificate.

Till date revisions of Income Limit

The non-creamy income limit to get eligible for different reservations has been revised from time to time. The revisions in the income limit are done considering certain economic factors. In the year 1993, the income limit was 1 Lakh which later in the year 2004 raised to 2. 5 Lakhs. In the year the income limit for non-creamy layer was again revised and set to 4.5 Lakhs, and in the year 2013, the limit rose to 6 Lakhs. Currently, in 2019, the income limit is 8 Lakhs per annum.

obc non creamy layer income limit

Eligibility to apply for vacancies under reservation

The income taken into consideration under this rule refers to the income of parents and not the candidate. If parents income limit exceeds than 8 Lakhs P.A, the candidate will fall under creamy layer, and candidates under creamy layer get treated as a general category. These candidates can’t claim any reservation at any government institutions or even at any educational programs conducted by the government.

Candidates need to obtain the non-creamy certificate and produce the same while applying for reserved vacancies. Make sure to provide your income proofs to the authorities before claiming the non-creamy certificate to avoid any hassles in the future. Avail the benefits of reservation with your certificate.


  1. Sir, I am working in the grade pay of 4600 in govt sector. and my annual income is more than 8,00,000/- per annum and my wife is also working with earning of 8,00,000/- in a govt job. Shall I eligible for the benefit of OBC in central jobs.

  2. Sir, My father is a Bank employee joined as a clerk and at present annual income is more than 8 lakhs and is about to retire, whether I will be eligible for the non-creamy layer.

  3. sir, I am state govt. teacher in grade 3 my annual income is more than 8 lakh my son want to take admission in Delhi university should I fall in obc non-creamy layer.

  4. parents both are employers annual income is 15 lakhs we are teachers and group-3 employees. Is it eligible OBC Certificate.

  5. If we wanna take either one of the parent salaries for obc ncl or not…? And what I want to select if father got retired from state employ…?

  6. sir I am a PSU group B officer since March 2008 promoted from group C to group B and my salary income is 960000 PA there is no any income my wife is housewife pl. tell me Is my son belong to noncreamy layer in OBC.

  7. Sir, I am serving in Indian Air Force as a rank of non commissioned officer and my salary is nine lac per year and zero income from other sources. Can my son get an OBC certificate for admission in IIT.

  8. When Income is calculated INCOME FROM SALARY AND INCOME FROM AGRICULTURE IS EXCLUDED ie THE SALARY INCOME AND INCOME FROM AGRICULTURE WILL NOT BE TAKEN IN TO ACCOUNT. In other words, If father and mother together have a salary of 2 lakhs per month and have any other income from any source, then their income will be considered as ZERO while calculating income for OBC NON – CREAMY LAYER CERTIFICATE. ( Refer page 452 “Explanation” of Office Memorandum No. OM:36012/22/-EST (SCT)dtd 8 Sept 1993)

  9. sir am working in rrb and my annual income 3.5 lakhs my husband working in state government and his annual income is 6 lakhs am i eligible for obc non creamy layer.

  10. सर मि विमुक्त जाती अजा vja मधुन येतो वडील माहावितरन कंपनी मध्ये लाईन हेलपर म्हणून काम करतात चतुर्थ श्रेनी कर्म चारी आहेत मि नोनकिरमिलीयर मध्ये येतो का सर पिलीस माहीती द्या सर माझ्या ईमेलवर

  11. Sir, I am a grade b employee of jk state working as junior engineer nd my father is a retired teacher, mother housewife. I am married and my wife is unemployed.
    Will I get obc non-creamy certificate
    Plz do reply

  12. Sir
    I am working in PSU having an annual income as perform 16 is 7.50 lakhs and interest income is 90000/-. my total income is 8.40 lakhs as per ITR. Am I fall under obc non-creamy layer.

  13. Can my daughter get o.b.c.non creamy layer reservation in the central educational institution? If I am class two officer in state government aged 47 years doing service for 22 years. my wife is a housewife.


      If neither father nor mother has an annual income of more than 8 lac then you are eligible for reservation
      8 lac should be individual income (either mother or father or both which satisfies) not collective

  15. It should be explained properly. Non Creamy layer Income limit means 8 lakhs per annum for the last three preceeding years for availing Non-creamy layer in the current year (i.e. 8 lakhs, 8 lakhs and 8 lakhs). If any one year income is below 8 lakhs out of preceeding three years incomes. it qualifies for non-creamy layer at the current year. I dont know why this detail is not mentioned in the news.

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