How to Find a Caste Certificate Number on Caste certificate

Living in a diverse country like India is tough. You have to people of different races, castes, religion and other fields of life all living together. India’s government has also issued different types of certificates for these people from different backgrounds and fields of life. The most important certificate needed by almost all Indians living in the country is the caste certificate.

What is the caste certificate?

A Caste Certificate is the verification of anybody has a place with an uncommon position, particularly on the off chance that one has a place with any of the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and the Backward Class (BC) as determined in the Indian Constitution.

caste certificate number

Where is the caste certificate needed?

The caste certificate is the type of document that is needed almost everywhere you go. The certificate’s use can be prominently seen in government jobs and college admissions.

The government has issued the caste certificate so that they can identify the people belonging to the backward classes.

They can easily provide additional benefits to these people like lesser cut off percentage, more number of seats available for them in jobs and colleges, and much more.

Is the community and caste certificate the same?

Community certificate given by the State Governments concerned is otherwise called caste certificate. Both mean the same. In a few states, the position is alluded to as a network.

Be that as it may, both have the same importance in the framework. (the public authority areas instructive foundations and in government occupations.)

How to Find the Caste certificate Number?

A caste certificate number is an important part of the certificate. People often neglect this number. But finding this number is simple. Here are the steps to find the caste certificate number.

1. You have a cast certificate; it means you also have a non-creamy layer certificate.
2. On the Non-creamy layer certificate, they mention the documents verified.
3. Now see there, there must be one line that clearly mentioned your cast certificate number and issued date.

Why is a caste certificate number needed?

The caste certificate is an important document, as said many a time earlier. This certificate is the necessary document for ease of lifestyle for people belonging to a backward caste.

The certificate number that the certificate holds is one of the main reasons behind it. This number is what is asked by officials. This number is used to verify the authenticity of the certificate.

Due to the presence of several fake certificates, the government has added the number so that when a person enlists their caste certificate, they can check very easily from their database whether that is a real certificate.


India is a diverse country where people from different caste, race, and religion live together. For people from different castes, the government has issued a caste certificate that holds the key to bringing a large number of benefits to these peoples.

The certificate holds a number that is the key behind all of this as it is needed to verify whether the certificate is authentic.


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