What is the Certificate Number in 10th Marksheet?

SSC (10th standard) is the time of a student’s life that is the most crucial for all people studying. This is the time that determines most of the time, what path that person takes. The 10th standard becomes crucial for the stream the student takes in the 11th and 12th standard as well as their career path.

The certificate that this student gets after graduating from the 10th standard is of utmost importance. This certificate holds the key to getting jobs and getting admission to the desired colleges. This certificate is one of the most important documents that the student can have as address proof, id proof, and much more.

In this certificate, there are several important parts and areas in there. Their areas might not be important to everyone who sees it, but it holds immense need in places where it is crucial. Here in this article, we shall talk about one such area.

What is the certificate number on the 10th mark sheet?

There are two numbers on the 10th mark sheet. One is the Serial number, and the other is the enrollment number. The serial number is composed in the upper left corner of the mark sheet, and the enlistment number is composed in the upper right corner of the mark sheet.

Serial no. of mark sheets partitioned by area printed by CBSE, set on the left-hand side corner of your imprint sheet composed as. S. No – xxxxxxx.

Certification number means a one-of-a-kind blend of letters and numbers appointed by a shellfish control position to a molluscan shellfish vendor as per the National Shellfish Sanitation Program’s arrangements.

Certificate number means a special number relegated to every endless supply of a Certificate of Inspection. It comprised a one to five-digit number before the two-letter state shortened form and followed by the two-letter image assigning the kind of activity guaranteed.

Where is the certificate number located?

There is a serial number in the top left corner, which is called the certificate number.

Certificate Number in Marksheet

Why is the certificate number on the 10th mark sheet needed?

As said many times earlier, the certificate of the 10th standard is extremely important. This certificate is needed for almost all fields of work. The certificate number is also an important field that holds immense power.

In some government jobs like the army, navy, and others, they match your marks with your certificate number to verify the authenticity of the details you provide.

This number also helps some officials to match your address proof and the authenticity of your whole as a person. This certificate, along with the number, is the key to protecting deeply to be successful in life.


The 10th standard is the time of a person’s life that decides their future. The certificate that the person gets after graduating from the 10th standard is crucial and is the key to success in life. This certificate holds a certificate number that is also very important and is a key part of the certificate.


  1. mera marksheet ka serial number thoda sa kat gya hai lekin dikh rha hai ki usme 1 our 8 likha hai aage koi problem to nhi hogi

  2. Mera name Umesh pancheshwar hi Maine 1996 me 10 the pass Kiya hu Meri markseet gum ho chuki hi aur muje Meri markseet ki photo chahiya please Meri help kijiye

  3. Correction on the blog part

    “There is a serial number on the top right corner, which is called the certificate number.”

    The serial number is on the top left corner not right corner, a little correction needed here as some student can get confuse.

  4. My Mark sheet number is TS-Cc 23227
    If submit of any job number enter
    Only 23227 or fill like TS-Cc 23227

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