Check SBI Credit Card Balance By Online, SMS & Toll Free Number

Do you use SBI’s Credit Card? Using the credit card wisely is essential for the users under all circumstances. If you don’t want to pay higher interest rates or penalty charges, you must have proper info about the terms of usage and make the payment of credit card billing amount before the due date.

State Bank of India offers several rewarding benefits to its credit card users. With its easy-to-use feature, the number of SBI Credit Card users is growing fast! If you don’t make the bill payments within the due date, you will end up getting dissatisfied with the overcharged penalties and the lowered credit score.

If you remain updated about the Credit Card balance and the due date for payment, you can make the payments within the due date. You can check SBI Credit Card balance on a regular basis. SBI offers multiple ways to its customers for verifying the credit card balance. On this page, you will learn about different ways of checking SBI credit card balance.

6 Ways to Check SBI Credit Card Balance

1. Know SBI Credit Card Balance and Limit By SMS

SBI activates SMS services by default for its Credit Card customers. The cardholders will get SMS alerts from the bank every time they use the card for making payment. You get real time info about the credit card balance as well as the transaction amount via SMS.

You can also send an Sms ‘BAL XXXX‘ to 5676791 to know the available balance on your credit card. To know available Cash limit, send an SMS ‘AVAIL XXXX’ to the same number.

Note!!!: Where XXXX is last four digits of SBI credit card number.

2. Through SBI Credit Card Online Account

To check SBI Credit card balance online, you need to get registered for the service. Once you get logged, you can see current outstanding balance and available cash limit on your card account.

The screen will display different options like Credit Card Balance, Credit Card available Balance, Credit Card Balance Statement, and Credit Card Bill Payment. You can also get info about the due date of paying the bill.

You can access net banking facility on the desktop as well as on mobile. You will require using the same Username and Password.

check sbi credit card balance

3. By Calling on Toll Free Numbers

If you don’t find the methods mentioned above of checking SBI Credit Card balance more comfortable, you can get updated info about the Credit Card balance by making a call to customer service.

Dial toll free number 18601801290 or 18001801290 to get connected with the customer care and request for Credit card Balance providing the details as inquired by the executive.

4. Through SBI Credit Card Statement

State Bank of India provides a monthly statement to the cardholders via SMS, as well as Email. The monthly statement contains detail about outstanding amount, credit card balance and the due date of making payment.

5. Through SBI Card Mobile App

If you use SBI’s Mobile App, you can quickly inquire about the outstanding amount, balance and due date of the credit card. With the mobile app, you can track the details in real-time.

6. By Visiting the Branch

If none of the above methods are satisfying for you, you can just visit the branch. Meet the representative at the bank, and request to provide you the credit card balance details. The bank official would ask you few questions related to the credit card and confirming the credentials, he/she will provide you the credit card balance details.

To check SBI Credit Card Balance in real-time, you can access any of the methods mentioned above. You must stay updated with the credit card balance, the outstanding amount and the due date to avoid penalties and higher interest rates. Use the credit card wisely and make the payments within the due date.


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