SBI Global Debit Card: International Transaction Charges & Withdrawal Limit

State Bank of India is the leading financial company in the public banking sector of India. If you have an account with SBI, you definitely must be enjoying the banking facilities and services offered by the bank.

SBI offers excellent banking services with an aim to satisfy its customers. You must be using the debit card provided by the bank for different financial transactions. SBI also offers flexible opportunities to use the debit card globally!

You can enjoy cashless shopping abroad with SBI Global International Debit Card. You can use the debit card for making payments online as well as withdraw cash easily.

Applicable extra charges for, using debit card globally

For using the Global SBI Debit Card, you need to pay extra fees. You need to have proper info about the additional charges applicable for debit card usage globally.

  • If you make a Balance inquiry at an ATM in Aboard, the bank will charge Rs 25 + GST which will get automatically deducted from your account every time.
  • If you withdraw cash from ATM, you have to pay Rs 100 min. + 3.5% of Txn. amt. + GST.
  • For Point of Sale (PoS)/eCom transactions, you have to pay 3% of transaction amount + GST.

SBI Global Debit Card Withdrawal Limit Internationally

 SBI Global InternationalMinimumMaximum
Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit at ATMsVaries from ATM to ATMMaximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 40000
Daily Point of Sales/ Online Transaction LimitNo LimitMaximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs. 75000

Annual Maintenance Charges

Issuance ChargesZero
Annual Maintenance ChargesRs 175/- plus GST
Card Replacement ChargesRs 300/- plus GST

SBI offers different types of SBI Debit Card with unique specifications. If you are traveling abroad, you may require using the debit card under any circumstances. You can’t use normal debit card internationally! You need a SBI global debit card for making successful transactions, withdrawals and payments. Also, you need to enable International transaction on sbi Debit card to use it internationally.

Earn additional benefits

Using the Global Debit Card, you will earn SBI Rewardz! You will earn 1 point on a purchase of Rs 200 every time which will get credited to your Rewardz account. You will receive the bonus points whether you shop, dine out or fill fuel.

If the card’s issuance term has not yet reached one month, you will be able to earn 50 bonus points on the first purchase transaction. If you continue the purchase for the second time, you will receive 50 bonus points more. But if you purchase for the third time, you will earn 100 bonus points.

Make sure to obtain the Global Debit Card to use abroad!

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