Latest HDFC Debit Card Charges – HDFC Debit Card Annual Fee

Debit Cards have been popularly used in recent times. A chip-based debit card can be conveniently used for easy and quick ATM withdrawals and deposits, cashless purchases from a grocery store, and shopping centers, making payments at restaurants, and for railway journeys, flight tickets, to different merchant locations, i.e., at Point of Sales (POS) machines for making contactless payments as well as swipe payments to online payment.

You can say that a debit card is the first step to digital banking, which is also known as plastic money, linked to your bank account. By regularly viewing and checking the transaction details through a Debit Card, you can manage to avoid excessive spending.

Nowadays, contactless Debit Cards with NFC technology are being conveniently used, which allow Debit Card holders to pay for their transactions without handing over the card physically to the payee to provide extra security from fraudsters, who often use skimming devices, which are used to collect card data at ATMs and POS machines.

In this article, we will let you know the essential features of HDFC Bank Debit Cards, their fees, and charges.

Features Of HDFC Bank Debit Cards

HDFC Bank issues different types of Debit Cards to its customers having Savings Bank Accounts, Salary Accounts, or Current Accounts. They can choose Debit Cards for them according to their suitability and financial needs. These cards are enabled with a variety of different spending power limits and various services for their users. Debit Cards are designed to upgrade the quality of your lifestyle.

The following are the crucial features of HDFC Bank Debit Cards:

  1. Eligible HDFC Bank customers having a Savings Bank Account or a Current Account can request the bank to issue Debit Cards.
  2. HDFC Bank Debit Cards are widely accepted domestically as well as Internationally.
  3. A Debit Card can be used with almost all the features of a Credit Card, except for the difference that you can not make purchases on credit using a Debit Card.
  4. The maximum ATM withdrawal limit per day for different Debit Cards varies from Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/-.
  5. The maximum retail / online shopping limit per day varies from 2,75,000 to 5,00,000/-.
  6. Personal Accidental Death Cover for different active HDFC Debit Cards varies from Rs. 2,00,000/- to 12,00,000/-. However, a Personal Accidental Death Cover is not available with some Debit Cards.
  7. Permanent Disability Insurance is available with some Debit Cards upto Rs. 2,00,000/-
  8. HDFC Bank Debit Cards are issued with a four-digit expiry date (i.e., month and year).

HDFC Debit Card Charges

HDFC BANK Debit Card Charges

Specific fees and charges are applicable for the HDFC Debit Cards, such as:

Type Debit Card Annual Charges/Renewal Fee/Add-on Card Annual fee
1. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Debit Card ₹ 500 + taxes
2. Platinum Debit Card ₹ 750 + taxes
3. Times Points Debit Card ₹ 650 + taxes
4. Millennia Debit Card ₹ 500 + taxes
5. Rewards Debit Card ₹ 500 + taxes
6. Business Debit Card ₹ 250 + taxes
7. Woman’s Advantage Debit Card ₹ 200 + taxes
8. Rupay Premium Debit Card  ₹ 200 + taxes
9. Money Back Debit Card  ₹ 200 + taxes
10. Rupay NRO Debit Card  ₹ 200 + taxes
11. ATM Card FREE
12. Gold Debit Card ₹ 750 + taxes
13. Titanium Royale Debit Card ₹ 400 + taxes
14. Titanium Debit Card ₹ 250 + taxes
15. Pro-Gold Debit Card ₹ 250 + taxes
16. EasyShop Debit Card ₹ 150 + taxes
17. NRO Debit Card ₹ 150 + taxes

Other HDFC Debit Card charges

Services Charges
Debit Card Replacement and Reissuance Charges ₹ 200 + taxes
Charges for transactions at the railway station ₹ 30 per ticket + 1.8% of the transaction
Charges for transactions at IRCTC 1.8% of the transaction amount
Charges  on Instant Pin Generation through NetBanking and Mobile Banking Free
ATM PIN generation Free
Decline charges for insufficient balance ₹ 25 + taxes

HDFC ATM Transaction Charges

Type of Account HDFC ATMs  Other Bank ATMs Charges after free transactions
Savings & Salary Account 5 Free Transactions 3 Free Transactions At Metro ATMs
5 Free Transactions At Non-Metro ATMs
Cash Withdrawal – ₹ 21 Plus taxes
Non-Financial Transaction – Rs 8.50 plus taxes
Current Account (Flexi, Plus, Max, Apex,
Ultima, Merchant Advantage Plus &
Supreme Current Account)
Unlimited 3 Free Transactions At Metro ATMs
5 Free
Transactions At Non-Metro ATMs
Cash Withdrawal & Non-Financial
Transaction – ₹ 21 plus taxes
Current Account (Regular, Premium,
Trade, Agri, Current Account for
Professionals, Ezee, Current Account for
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pathology
labs, Merchant Advantage & TASC)
Unlimited Charged from 1st transaction onwards Cash Withdrawal & Non-Financial
Transaction – ₹ 2 + Taxes

HDFC Debit Card International Transaction Charges

Type Of ATM Charges
Using ATMs From outside India Balance Enquiry: ₹ 25 + taxes & Cash Withdrawal: ₹ 125 + taxes per +3.5% Cross Currency Mark up for a non-managed segment.
Balance Enquiry: ₹ 15 + taxes & Cash Withdrawal: ₹ 110 + taxes + 3.5% Cross Currency Mark up for managed segment.

The Concluding Takeaway Thoughts

This article provides detailed information and easy guidance on HDFC Bank Debit Card Charges and Annual Fee. After carefully reading this article, you will hopefully understand it efficiently and quickly.

However, you should know that You can use HDFC Bank Debit cards for more than your daily shopping limit on select merchant categories, such as Medical, Electronics, Education, Travel, Tax Payments, and Insurance.

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