Latest SBI Debit Card Charges 2022

When we are talking about the popular banks in India, there is simply not a single speck of doubt that SBI is one of the names that always comes to the minds of people. This Indian Multinational Bank is something that has been serving the public for a very long time.

Providing all sorts of financial and banking-related options to the people out there, you can be pretty sure that this bank has quite a big name in the industry for sure. There are assets in SBI which are worth more than Rs. 30 trillion in total. This bank is definitely one of the largest associations that we have in the banking sector for sure.

Not to mention that SBI has provided a lot of benefits to the people as well. That is one of the main reasons why people want to open up a bank account in the amazing SBI in the first place. We are here to tell you that you are going to have all the benefits if you open up an account here. Every single owner that has a bank account in SBI gets a proper debit card and this is exactly what we are going to talk about right now.

About Debit Cards Of State Bank Of India and Service charges

It is important for people to know about the debit cards which are provided to the users who have their accounts on SBI. There is simply not a single speck of doubt that there are different types of debit cards that are available to people.

These cards are suitable for the lifestyle and the requirements that people tend to have for sure. With the help of an SBI debit card, one can transact up to 1 lakh rupees in the ATM as well as the POS terminals all over the world. The customers of the SBI are allowed to have 5 transactions in total and that too every single month. There are some other special benefits that are included as well along with some signature privileges.

sbi debit card charges

Most people who have their account in the SBI get some discount vouchers and some insurance benefits as well. There are even some reward points which are provided to the people in the best way. You can also use these debit cards from SBI in order to book flights, make online purchases, and have other benefits as well.

SBI Debit Card Issuance Charges

Type Of Debit CardIssuance Charges
Classic /Silver/Global/Contactless Debit CardFREE
Gold Debit Card Rs 100 + GST
Platinum Debit Card Rs 300 + GST
Debit Card issued to  Salary  accountsNIL

SBI Debit Card Annual Maintenance Charges

Type Of Debit CardAnnual Maintenance Charges
Classic Debit CardRs 125 + GST
Silver/Global/Contactless Debit CardRs 125 + GST
Yuva /Gold / Combo Debit CardRs 175 + GST
Platinum Debit CardRS 250 + GST
Pride/Premium Business Debit CardRS 350 + GST
My cardRs 175 + GST

International Transaction Charges

Type of TransactionCharges
Balance enquiry at ATMsRs. 25  + GST
ATM Cash withdrawalRs. 100 min. + 3.5% of Txn. Amt. +
Point of Sale (PoS) / eCom transactions3% of transaction amount + GST

However, there are some charges that people have to pay if the transaction crosses the limit in a single month. The annual charges for the SBI classic debit card are about Rs. 125+GST per year. Also, there are some card replacement charges which amount to about Rs. 300 + GST.

Other Type of Charges

Debit Card Replacement ChargesRs 300 + GST
Duplicate PIN / Regeneration of PIN through BranchRs 50 + GST
ATM/POS transaction technical declines attributable to customerRs 20 + GST

One thing that people need to keep in mind is that these charges might vary according to the debit card type in SBI. So, this is one thing that people shouldn’t forget about if they want to have all the information about the SBI Debit card charges. Another important thing that people have to keep in mind is that they need to pay the service charge as well.

Updated: 7 April 2022


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