Can I have Two Debit Cards For One SBI Account?

Many times we think it is a better option to use two debit cards for one savings account rather than opening two accounts. But, is it possible? Yes! It is possible to apply for two or more debit cards for a single account in SBI.

But, the card type must be different, and you have to pay the applicable maintenance charges of all cards. State Bank of India will charge the annual maintenance charges for all the active debit cards linked with the account.

Apply for second or more Debit Cards at SBI for a single account

Visit the SBI bank/home branch and apply for the New SBI Global Debit Card. You would require providing the account details as well as individual details of the account holder. You may also require specifying the reason for applying for the second debit card.

You can also apply for new SBI debit card online without visiting the branch. Before applying for the second debit card, you must learn about the issuance and annual maintenance charges applicable at SBI.

The issuance charges for Debit Cards at SBI

Type of Card Charges
Classic Debit Card NIL
Global Debit Card NIL
Gold Debit Card Rs 100 + GST
Platinum Debit Card Rs 300 + GST
Debit Card issued for the Salary Accounts NIL

The Annual maintenance Charges that would begin from second year onwards

Type of Card Charges
Classic Debit Card Rs 125 + GST
Global/Silver/Yuva/Gold Debit Card Rs 175 + GST
Pride/Premium Business Debit Card Rs 350 + GST
Platinum Debit Card Rs 250 + GST

Important Note: If by chance you lost any one of the ATM/Debit cards, you will get charged Rs 300 + GST for card replacement. If you request to issue a duplicate PIN or to regenerate the PIN at the branch, you need to pay Rs 50 + GST.


  1. This may be because both your cards have the same payment network. For example, if your old debit card is Visa, then u cant have another Visa card. It must be either rupay or Mastercard.

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