Difference Between SBI MasterCard Global And Visa Card Global

Do you have an account with State Bank of India? If you are an active account holder, you must have access to varied banking facilities. What type of Debit Card do you use? Yes! SBI provides different types of Debit Cards.

The Debit Cards are designed considering certain factors of the account holders and the terms of usage. The debit cards contain any one of the logos of Visa or MasterCard or Maestro. Do you know the difference of services with the varying logos?

Visa, MasterCard or Maestro are the payment service companies. But Visa and MasterCard are the leading companies. The debit cards issued by these companies get widely accepted across the world.

Though, both the companies are quite similar, being a consumer, you must be aware of the differences so that you make the best choice and apply for the most suitable debit card as per your needs.

Apply for SBI Global International Debit Card if you want to earn maximum benefits. With the Global card, you get access to your account and can make successful transactions anytime and anywhere.

You can purchase goods online, make online payments, and withdraw cash across the world. SBI issues debit cards with EMV chip that provides additional security.

sbi mastercard global vs visa card global

Major Differences between Visa and MasterCard

  • The websites accepting online payments accept Visa cards, but certain websites may not accept MasterCard.
  • Visa Card’s foreign reach is higher than MasterCard.
  • If the transaction fails while purchasing on Visa card fails, the consumer can claim, and there is no limit for the claims. But, the MasterCard gets designed as a replacement for cheques that prevents the consumers from making any claims.
  • The Visa cards come with ‘Charge Back Rights‘ which ensures better protection of the consumers while the MasterCard doesn’t come with ‘Charge Back Rights‘ which doesn’t protect the consumers while purchasing online goods.
  • Consumers can enjoy discount offers with both Visa and MasterCard, but the discount rates vary.
  • Using any of the cards, the consumers earn additional benefit as reward points, but the reward points and other benefits vary with the card.
  • There are no issuance charges for both types of cards.
  • Anual maintenance charges will be 175 Rs plus GST and Rs 300 plus GST will be charged for card replacement.

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