How to Get Online ICICI Credit Card User ID And Password

Have you applied for a Credit Card at ICICI Bank? Did you receive the Credit Card by post? Do you have the User ID and Password to access the Credit Card details online?

You don’t need to visit the bank once again. You can get Online ICICI Credit Card User ID and Password by self. You need to follow few simple steps.

Steps to Generate Online ICICI Credit Card User ID

Step 1: Dial the customer care number dedicated to Credit Card services. You require authenticating self by providing few details. Select the Self Banking option following the IVR response. You will receive the User ID.

Or Visit and click on the ‘click here to proceed‘ button.

know user id icici credit card

Step 2: Choose credit card option and enter the 16 digits credit card number in the first empty field. Enter your registered mobile number in the second field and click the Go button.

generate user id icici credit card

User ID will be sent to your registered mobile number immediately. You have to activate the user ID by generating a password online.

Steps to Generate Online ICICI Credit Card Password

Step 1: Now you need to create the password by visiting You will get guided to the page directly where you need to click on ‘Click Here to Proceed‘.

generate password icici credit card

Step 2: Next enter your user id and click the Go button.

enter user id icici credit card

Step 3: A new web page will open where you have to enter your User ID and registered Mobile number.

enter mobile number icici bank

Step 4: Now, you need to enter the Unique number that you received on your registered mobile number, in the provided box. Click the go button to proceed further.

unique number icici bank

Step 5: Now you are eligible to generate the password for accessing online account for Credit Card. You can also create a new User ID changing the default User ID received from the bank.

create new password icici credit card

Accessing the Online facilities for Credit Card, you can view your current balance, view the previous statements, verify the unbilled statement, make online payments and access many more facilities. You will get control over your credit card.

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  1. please help me with how to login icici credit card internet banking.
    I don’t have icici bank account I have only icici credit card we visit your website and generate my user id and password also but there was no login option if I am login there was open new page and seen

    I don’t understand how to do my outstanding payment and how to check my statement
    pls help me I m very worried
    pls send any aap or website to check my status

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