Send SMS To 7738299899 For RC Details & 8790499899 For DL Details

Tech advancements in India and its implementations prove to be rewarding for the common man as well as the responsible government officials. Did you know you can get details of vehicle registration by sending an SMS?

Yes, simply sending an SMS to a dedicated number you can obtain the details of vehicle registration including owner’s name of the vehicle, type of owner (1st party or 2nd party), type of vehicle, the expiry of RC, Tax details of the vehicle, etc. Anyone can get the RC details which will be helpful for purchasing a second-hand vehicle and for tracking a person for hit and run case.

The Road Transport Ministry in association with National Informatics Centre- NIC introduced the SMS service along with web-based service for everyone seeking genuine information of any vehicle.

Get RC Details sending an SMS

You need to Send SMS to 7738299899 for RC Details. Open Compose a message and type ‘VAHAN‘ along with the RC number of the vehicle. i.e. VAHAN Registration Number.

Send it to 7738299899. You will receive an SMS containing the details of the vehicle.

Get driving license details via SMS

You can also get the Driving License details simply by sending an SMS. Open Compose Message and type SARDL Driving License Number

Send it to 8790499899. You will receive an SMS within few minutes containing details about the Driving License Number.

The information received via SMS is authentic. For any reason, you can use the SMS service and collect authentic information that will act as a great support for you.

You need not visit the related government office to collect the information you need. You can access the SMS service and get the information instantly within few minutes on your mobile.


  1. I’m over 18 years but in my Academy age, I’m 16. Can I apply for a driving license

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have lost my commercial DL .
    AND I have no photocopy of this DL. I want to know my DL number so that i can apply for a duplicate DL.
    MY Registration no is RJ14 PC 9883.
    My Personal Detail :
    Date Of Birth:04-10-1969
    Address:31,C-1,Gurjar Ki Thadi,Shanti Nagar,Jaipur(Rajasthan)

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