RTO Office Timings – Working Hours And Lunch Time

So, you have definitely some ideas about RTO, right? Well, it is a quite popular organization that runs across the country and most people know about it as a whole.   

Generally, RTO means the regional transport office. It is an organization that works under the government of India. The most important work for them is to maintain a database about the drivers and also the database for the vehicles that run through numerous states in the country.

Yes! They have all the details since they record every report about the vehicles and the drivers.

Understanding About RTO Office Times

The organization issues the driving license for all the drivers and they manage the vehicles for the transport, they also organize for the road tax or fund and they also sell some personalized license.

Well, their main functions are to ensure the development of road transport by the management permit, to collect the tax and charges under the act of vehicle.

They have performed different kind of activities, including vehicle registration, issue of the license for freight traffic and public transit.

They also conduct some kind of driving training for the learners and permanent drivers. Their activity also has the transfer of vehicles and also the registration of the transactions.

They maintain a validity check for the vehicles and also the mechanical inspection if there is any kind of accident happened with the vehicle.

The RTO has different codes for the different states in India. Each code has its tag for the particular locality.

RTO office working Timings

Generally, the working timing for the RTO is starting from morning 10 am to an evening at 5 pm

Well, the working hours for the RTO office differ from place to place. As for example, for the department of transport in Delhi, the government ruled to extend the working timing. The timing has been shifted from morning 7 am to the evening at 7 pm. Well, it is a complete 12 hours of working.

As we see for the RTO office located in Andheri (south Mumbai), it remains the same working hours as 10 am to 5.30 pm. But in western Mumbai, it has the timing of 10.30 to 5.00 pm sharp.

You can also check for the RTO office in the Wadala, it has its working timing for 24 hours.

RTO office located in Chennai has the working hours from 10.00 am to 5.30.

Well, the working days for each and every locality are also different. Yes!

RTO office Working Days

Normally, working days for RTO office is seven days. The workers have been assigned to work no first Saturday. For the second and the fourth Saturday generally, remain closed at all the RTO office.

But in some places like Chennai, the office will remain closed on Saturday and Sunday.

RTO office Lunch Time

The lunch timing for RTO is also different in all the places, the common timing for the lunch is at noon. But it can be different in 1 to 2 hours from place to place.

Well, the workers in the RTO office have their tough schedule. Their charges are also high in each state, but it is really useful since it gives you a promising database.


  1. I had renewed my driving licence n paid fees for changing the address. But address is not changed. I submitted the documents for the same. What should I do.

  2. Nobody gives any Info and abt the stages for documents submission and the procedure. No fixed timing for lunch break Rude staff

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