How to Check Canara Bank Cheque Book Status Online

The customer-oriented Canara Bank came into the forefront in the year 1906. The centurion bank surpassed different stages of growth and development. Such an effort shaped it what it is today.

History disclosed that the bank projected largely development after the nationalization. Precisely it received national status and that became the ball game at the global level.

Additionally, the accomplished bank successfully satiated a huge category of clients. Customers credited the bank for its upfront attitude and that helped to create it a milestone in the Indian Banking era. Today Canara bank is consistently endeavouring to retain its position in the pinnacle among all the Indian Banks.

Why Canara Bank?

Certainly today, Canara Bank is a pan –accepted bank because of the benefits it offers to its clients. Go through the bullets to comprehend that at once:

  • It works diligently and pays full attention to clients’ needs.
  • The bank sticks to its working principles and ethics.
  • The main motto is to enlighten clients to stop being a spendthrift.
  • Moreover, guide them to invest methodically and make diversified savings.
  • It is very ready to stand by needy people.
  • The praiseworthy bank works with scrupulous efficacy to attain profitability.
  • Additionally, it achieved perfection in domains like handling risk and quality assessment.
  • Besides the commercial sector, the bank displayed its merit equally in contributing to rural growth.
  • On top of that, it made a distinguished achievement in introducing self- rural employment. For that, they took the initiative of introducing different training sectors as well.

Steps to follow to check the Canara bank Chequebook Status Online

The creditable bank delivers heart and soul effort to keep their customers up to date. They received accolades for such gestures. Hence, let’s see what are the easy steps you should follow to check the status of the chequebook in Canara bank online.

  1. As you roll up on the site, just click to inquire about the status section in regards to the chequebook.
  2.  Instantly you will get a drop-down menu. Checkmark the account number and tally the same with the chequebook.
  3. Select one of the pages of the chequebook particularly the one you want to know the status.
  4. Now press the go icon. In doing so, the system will start to show up the chequebook status for all the pages.
  5. It will highlight whether stopped, paid or unpaid in regards to that specific chequebook number.
  6. Suppose the chequebook number your input does not match with the system. Then you will receive a notification staying the number of the chequebook is invalid.
  7. You can even take the print out of the screen.

Final thoughts:

The desirable bank promises to offer high-quality banking solutions and offer the best worth to their customers and stakeholders.


  1. Sir, Manju Shekhawat SB A/c No. 90142010355039 with Canara Bank Palam village Branch I have a request for a checkbook on 6th Feb 2021, which is not yet received till now, pl send us earliest as possible

    Thanking you with kind regards

    Yours Sincerely

    Manju Shekhawat
    A/c Holder

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