How to Check Canara Bank Debit Card Tracking Status Online

Canara Bank is one of the most renowned and famous, and customer-friendly private sector banks in India. This bank has started issuing ATM/Debit cards to their account holders through an online Internet platform. Now, anyone of Canara Bank’s existing account holders can request a new Debit Card or renewal of already issued cards online by following an easy, quick, and seamless process.

You should know that even in the case of a Joint account, you can apply for Canara Bank ATM/Debit cards online for joint account holders as well. The Canara Bank also provides an option to their customers to update their communication address.

In addition, it means that bank customers may request the delivery of their debit cards at any preferred location in India. If you are a genuine and existing bank account holder of Canara Bank, then you should be very clear about checking Canara Bank debit card tracking status online.

You should also know that issuing the debit cards for Canara Bank is a One Time Password (OTP) based service. Therefore, the bank customers’ mobile numbers must be registered with their bank accounts. Otherwise, they will not be able to avail of this service.

So stay tuned with us to check the Canara Bank ATM card tracking status. Let us quickly get started.

Checking Canara Bank Debit Card Tracking Status Online

Suppose you are an existing account holder of Canara Bank and are excited to avail of its Debit/ATM card service, or you need to renew your current debit card.

And suppose you are still confused, doubtful, bewildered, and wondering about how to know the Canara Bank debit card tracking status. Then in such a case, you need not worry and be happy. Because in this article, we are providing the hard-earned excerpt of our research work and past experiences in this regard.

Just relax, keep your calm, patiently go through this valuable post till the end and follow the below-written some simple and easy steps, congenial knowledge, fruitful facts, and relevant and complete information, such as:

You should know that nowadays, when you open a bank account with Canara Bank, at the same time, you will also apply for issuing a Debit/ATM card in the process. Or if you are already an account holder with Canara Bank and applying for the renewal of your existing debit card, in both cases, your debit card is dispatched through a speed post at your registered communication address location in India.

After that, a message regarding the dispatch of your debit card is sent through an SMS to your registered mobile number. This message contains an India Post Tracking number. You can track the consignment of your debit card by using this tracking number through the India post official website.

You should know that usually, Canara Bank will manage to track your dispatched debit card and send text messages (SMS) to your registered mobile from time to time.

However, still, in case you need to track your debit card’s status, then you can follow some simple steps, such as:

Step 1: Open your Debit Card dispatch message and copy the tracking ID from that message. After that, go to the Chrome browser and search “India Post Track.” Now, a new page will open up before you. Click on the “Track Consignment India Post” link

Canara Bank Debit Card Tracking through speed post

After that, a new interface will open up before you, where you will be asked to enter your Canara Bank Tracking ID and a given Captcha Code. After entering the required details as stated above, click on the “Search” button.

Step 2: Now, a new page will open up before you, where you will see the complete details of your dispatched debit card’s consignment, such as: where and when it is booked, what is its current transit location, and the expected date of reaching it out to your address location, etc.

Canara Bank Debit Card Tracking locations

So this way, you can very easily and quickly know your Canara Bank debit card tracking status through the speed post website.


Now, we can definitely hope that after reading this post, you will appreciate our honest approach and remarkable efforts to provide you with the best factual content to quench your queries nicely and solve your problems permanently. You would have indeed learned through this article’s comprehensive knowledge, simple and easy-to-learn instructions, and excellent guidance about tracking Canara bank atm Card online.

Also, you should know that after applying, typically, your new Canara ATM/Debit card gets delivered within ten working days at your registered communication address. However, there is no other way that you can physically track your debit or credit cards, and even the smart chips can’t do it for you.

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