How to Open PNB Bank Statement PDF Password

Punjab National Bank is one of India’s oldest and most respected banks, governed by the Reserved Bank of India. Several people have created their accounts in such a respected bank. This means several people are now enjoying a large number of facilities and services offered by them.

One of the essential features is the monthly bank statements. The monthly bank statement arrives through a registered email id or phone number. These statements are crucial for the account holders.

The bank statement provides information about the account’s transaction for the month. They tell the account holder how much money entered into the account and how much money was spent.

The increment your account experienced is also a field that the bank statement states. This statement also tells about how much money has been withdrawn from the account and how it was withdrawn either through atm or by visiting a bank.

Almost all the account holders get their statement in pdf format on their email in their computer or smartphones to download it. In this article, we will discuss how one can open the Punjab National bank PDF File using a Password.

Steps to Open PNB Statement PDF Password Online

Punjab National Bank is a significant and reputed bank. To open the bank statement, you need a password. It will ensure your safety as the bank statement holds crucial information about the account.

Important Note: Since PNB is linked with the Oriental Bank of Commerce and the United Bank of India, opening bank statements from these banks is also the same. The following are the steps that one needs to follow for opening and checking their monthly statement.

Step 1: When one applies for a monthly bank statement, they are asked on the platform they would like to receive. Most of the time, people select the email which is using here as an example.

Step 2: Open the email sent by the bank, which contains the monthly statement. Open the pdf attached to the email. A pop-up text box will appear asking for a password.

Step3: The password is your PNB account customer id. Therefore, In place of a password, all one needs to do is enter the customer id that one can acquire from their debit card or simply asking the bank about it.

pnb statement pdf password

Step 4: After entering the password, press enters or click on next below the text box. The monthly statement opens up, and now you can see all the information in it.

This monthly statement password is crucial. However, one must remember it as each month when the statement arrives. The password will be required to open that from time to time.


Punjab National Bank is a very trustworthy bank. However, they provide a lot of facilities and services to their clients. One such facility is the bank statement. They offer the option to see and know about the account holders day to day bank statements.

The bank statement arrives in the email in pdf format and requires a password to open it. Each time the statement arrives, the password is required to open it.


    • Mujhko apni bank statement nikalwani hai mujhe password Nahin Pata please Mere Gmail ID per bhej dijiye

  1. मेरा pdf का decrypt passward नहीं पता कृपा मेरी जीमेल id पर या मोबाइल न पर सेंड करने की कृपा करें

  2. Pnb m passbook se statment download kar li h jo ki open ho rahi h
    Me ese kisi app par upload karta hun to password required ata h kyun
    Kaise upload karu

    • Download PNB M PASSBOOK from the play store and download the quarterly statement for your account from there.

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