How to Raise Complaint in Kotak Mahindra bank Online

In Kotak Mahindra Bank, there are different levels at which you can raise complaint online. Of course, you have to start in level 1 and move upwards depending upon your requirement. Generally, people go on to level 2 and onwards when their problem is not solved or do not respond.

The procedures for all the levels to register the complaint in Kotak Mahindra bank

Level 1 

This is the first level, where do you need to complain. No matter how small your issue is, you can file a complaint to Kotak Mahindra Bank about it to get it fixed. This bank is known for its amazing customer service, so do not hesitate to redressal.

There are many ways you can complain at level 1. Filling the online complaint form is not only the quickest but also the fastest method. All the various ways you can complain are as follows:

  • Go to the official Kotak Mahindra Bank website and click on the portal option specially designed so that people can lodge their complaints. There will be a search option where you can type it out or just go to the menu where you will be able to spot it easily.
  • You can go to your net banking app and complain about the inbox option given there.
  • You can contact the bank on their toll-free number 1860 266 2666. This number can be contacted 24/7 so whenever you have a problem you can give it a call.
  • You can also physically go to any branch of Kotak Mahindra Bank to get your problem solved. This way, you can talk to someone to see if an easy solution can be found. In emergencies, this is the best path to choose.
  • You can also choose to write a letter to the bank addressing your problem.

Raise Complaint in Kotak Mahindra bank Online

Level 2

After you have lost the complaint at level one, make sure that you look at the turnaround table that they have created. The turnaround table has a list of how many days it takes to address a particular complaint type. Check-in which category your complaint falls in, and you will be able to understand how many days it will take for your complaint to get addressed. However, in most cases, your complaint will get a dress within 7 days.

If a week passes and your complaint still is not a dress, you can complain at level 2. You can either send an email to their service assurance centre with your problem with the service security number. This option is available on the official website.

You may also choose to download the grievance form and fill it up to send it to the bank. This form is available in several languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc. if you are more comfortable in your vernacular, check if the form is available in that language.

Level 3

If 5 days pass after you have a complaint at the 2nd level, you can contact the nodal officer via email, or phone number  022-62042110 is given on the official website.

Level 4

In rare cases, even if you do not get back from the nodal officer within five days, you can take your complaint to the principal nodal officer. Their email ID and contact information will be available on the official website of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Services Contact
Complaint Number 1860 266 2666
Nodal Officer Complaint Number 022-62042110
Principal Nodal Officer Complaint Number 022-6204 2120

So these are four levels through which you can raise a complaint in Kotak Bank. Still, If your problem not resolved via these 4 levels, then you can raise a complaint in RBI online.


  1. hi my bank account no money from few days without any reason I am getting consumed even without any bank even without transaction.

  2. Dear sir,
    My bill is generating error since March till now.
    many times I try to call customer care from March to till date. but not responding.
    kindly look into my matter and resolve as soon as possible.

  3. Complaint: To
    The principal nodal officer
    Kotak Mahindra bank

    Subject: – Re-investigation of my complaint.
    I recently received the e-mail that office of nodal officer has concluded the investigation on my complaint1-23304200470and unable to help me. I do not agree with this statement, because I don’t think there is any proper investigation done by them. Recently, I calling my home branch manager (Mr.vikas)and I ask the branch manager about the status of my complaint. It is very shocking for me when manager told he don’t know anything about my complaint. The statement made by the branch manager really disturb me, and it is my strong protest that how is this possible that investigation on my complaint is concluded and manager is totally unaware about my complaint. So, it is my strong allegation that no investigation has been done by nodal officer in my complaint.
    I demand that a detailed action taken report should be provided to me regarding my complaint given to nodal officer.
    Moreover, I have another concern that the numbers provided to me as a point of contact does not exist it shows the malicious intent of the bank that there is no intention to help me.
    I want a proper detailed by (speed post) investigation through your team to resolve this complaint, so that I can recover my money
    Thanks & warm regards
    Anuj Kumar.

  4. my complaint he above manager in Kotak bank his name is Komal krishna chaturvedi his email id he [email protected] it is necessary to take action on kotak bank this my sms share and direct my sms reach uday kotak will be very kind.

    Komal Chaturvedi is such a person, he is a very bad person, It seems like Kotak Bank is running itself, it is getting everyone terminated. Very low type of person, this is my complaint, please take action otherwise I am registering again.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Since Oct 2021 I have redeemed approx 44000 Reward points but the voucher has not been received since the last three months i am calling cust to care about the voucher but One of the Customer care executives Mr. Mohit Call me and again he needs 5 days time its huge delay from ur side since Oct 21 to march 22 almost 06 months and Mr. Mohit told me u have to call for the same I call Cust to care Once on Oct 21 and Raised Compain of The same and Now Manager Mohit Told me U should Call again about ur issue this is not good response I pay all mount full due tell me my solution I a not satisfy with service not recommending to anyone else in future Expecting answer on my mail revert ASAP
    Special guide me as per Manager Mr Mohit told me every time if the problem does not resolve I have to spend time to call cust care on one complaint is resolve in 24 hours or till solution I need to call please educate me.
    I want some else than Mohit To educate me and give me a soft answer with a solution i am now frustrated with ur card and need to make another decision to close Please arrange to call back with a Good person other than Mr Mohit.


  7. Waste Bank my amount got deducted and it’s showing in closing amount and now it’s showing ECS deduction simply they do other activities.

  8. Good Afternoon

    I have paid all my EMI’s and Dues,
    Kindly update in CIBIL that my Loan is Closed because still, it is showing Active Status in my CBIL,

    Loan Information



    You can call me on 9664352821

    Dilip Bhardwaj

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    Ifce code – MAHG0004409

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