How to Raise Complaint in ICICI Bank Online

ICICI Bank is one of the leading banks in the Indian Private banking Sector. It offers excellent banking services and gives high efforts to satisfy its customers by all means! Do you often transact with the bank?

You may have an account or may not have one with ICICI Bank, but it is likely to face troubles while making transactions or accessing any other services.

If you encounter any grievance, it is your right to raise a complaint in ICICI Bank and report about your problem. To report your problem, you need not visit the bank. You can object to ICICI Bank online.

Steps to Raise a Complaint in ICICI Bank Online

Open your web browser and visit the official website of ICICI Bank Move down the bottom of the webpage and search for Compliments and Complaints link under Others section.

Click on it, and you will get guided to the internal page of Customer Feedback. Scroll to find Complaint section and click on Send Complaint button. You will get directed to the page where the bank provides different options to submit a complaint.

Note: ICICI Bank offers different levels to submit complaints. Select the level as applicable.

icici bank complaint form

Level 1: First-time Complaint Submission

  • In Level 1, you are allowed to submit the complaint about the first time. You need to click on Email button, and you will get directed to the Grievance page. On this page, you need to fill up the form to submit your request/complaint.
  • In Product/Service section, select the appropriate from the list and Select Complaint Related to as applicable. Now you need to select the type of complaint related to your selection and as applicable.
  • After filling up the credential, you require providing additional details, i.e., Customer name, Account/Application Number, Feedback/Comments, Email ID, and Mobile Number. Now tick mark to authorize ICICI Bank and the representatives to call for query or request.
  • Now click on Submit button.

The bank will analyze your complaint and get back to you to solve the problem.

Level 2: If not satisfied with a first response

  • If you are not satisfied with the first response, go for Level 2. You can click on Download Form button. Fill up the form and post it to the provided address in the form. You will receive a response from the office within four banking days.
  • If you want to raise query/request to Senior Management, click on Submit Query/Request button. You need to enter the Account Number/Application Number. Provide the Complaint Reference number and click on Proceed.
  • You will successfully submit your complaint to the Senior Management of ICICI Bank. The bank will take appropriate actions to address your issues.

Level 3: If not satisfied with a second response

  • If you are not satisfied with the 2nd response, the bank allows you to contact Principal Nodal Officer. Click on Download Form and enter the details as applicable in the form. Send the form to the address as mentioned in the form, and the responsible bank official will reply you within four banking days of receiving the letter.
  • If you directly want to contact the bank officer and report about your problem and dissatisfaction, click on Email button. On this page, you need to enter the Account/Application Number as well as Level 2 Reference number. Click on ‘Proceed’ button.

When you don’t get solutions or active responses from the bank to solve your problem in first and second level, the third level is the only way in which you will directly report about your dissatisfaction and issues to the Nodal Officer. You need not visit the branch unless you fail after reporting on the third level.


  1. Past 8 months onwards am applying to change my address request till now, there is no response if it is the case it is very difficult to maintain the account in your branch.

  2. I have a silver account in ICICI bank last two months they have detected 2000 rs… Because of not maintained a minimum balance that time I m out of station so I couldn’t able to maintain I just want to close my account.

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