What is Photo & Signature Size Width Height for Pan Card online

The Permanent Account Number or PAN card is a mode of identification used extensively in the Indian subcontinent. It is the photo ID of choice for many Indian citizens. However, it has been found that many PAN card applications are being rejected or being sent back for corrections to be made with the photograph or signature on the application form.

This causes unnecessary delays; to avoid such a loss in time, this compilation aims to provide citizens with a comprehensive guide regarding the photograph and signature specifications required to apply for a PAN card.

Photograph details (Size, Height & Width)

All the applicants applying under the ‘Individual’ category must attach two recent photographs and the acknowledgement receipt. The photos attached must be recent, i.e., the applicant must be recognizable by this photo. Ideally, the backdrop of the photograph should be plain white or a similar neutral tone.

For Online applications, the size of the photographs must be 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm or 132.28 pixels x 94.49 pixels exactly. No other sizes shall be considered. Do not staple the photos or use a paper clip to affix them to the form; instead, paste them in the slot provided. The clarity of the photograph that appears on your final PAN card is completely dependent on the photograph’s quality that applicants submit at this stage.

Here are some things to keep in mind – Do not use informal photographs; approach a professional photography service provider and inform them that you shall be using the photos on your PAN card application. Wear formal clothing and ensure that your hair is tucked away from your face.

Photo & Signature Size Width Height For Pan Card Online

Signature Specifications (Size, Height & Width)

Applicants must provide their signature or left thumbprint within the box which is provided on the acknowledgement slip. Ensure that you adhere to the signature’s space, do not under any circumstances allow your signature to get on the photograph attached alongside.

If there are any ink marks or the photograph, such that the visibility of the face of the applicant is hindered, the application is subject to immediate rejection. Stick to the slot provided to avoid this situation. For online applications, the signature size should be 2 cm x 4.5 cm or 75.59 pixels x 170.07 pixels.

For non-individual category applications, the acknowledgement must be ratified by the authorized signatory. The Karta signs off in case of HUF, the Director does so in case of a company, while a partner signs off in case of an LLP or Partnership Firm.

For a trust, a Trustee must sign off, while the authorized signatory option must be utilized in case of all other applicant categories. A thumb impression must be attested (with the sign and office seal) by a Notary Public, a Gazetted Officer, or a Magistrate to be considered.

Another signature or left thumbprint is required across the photo attached to the left-hand side of the form, the specifications for which are different. For this signature or thumbprint, ensure that a part of the sign or impression lies on the acknowledgement receipt while the other part lies on the photograph.

Full Specifications:

Sr. No. Parameters Photograph Signature Supporting documents
1. Resolution (in Dots per inch) 200 DPI 200 DPI 200 DPI
2. Type Colour Colour Black & White
3. File type JPEG JPEG PDF/A or JPEG
4. Size Max. 20 KB Max. 10 KB Max. 300KB/per page
5. Dimension 3.5X2.5 cms. 2X4.5 cms

The PAN card application itself is a simple procedure, provided these particular specifications are kept in mind and followed. This comprehensive guide shall provide a checkpoint to clarify that your application is on its way to being accepted.

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