How to apply for an SBI Credit Card Online

Given an option to pay for your transactions with the swipe of a card or to pull out your wallet and start counting money, which would you choose? It is a no-brainer really. The rising popularity of SBI credit cards being a point in case.

When this new business idea of “Buy Now, Pay Later” was proposed, a lot of people were skeptical about it. The high transaction rates and low expenditure limit associated with many cards those days were a non-starter for many people. But all that has changed with the credit revolution that happened with the rise of private and public sector banks, led by the State Bank of India.

The advantages of a SBI credit card are obvious. Being one of the oldest and most stable banks in India, it was only a matter of offering the right packages at modest prices to win the huge Indian credit card market, which they did. The wide array of credit cards targeted at specific groups of people stand proof to the fact that they have done their homework credit card applying process

Coupled with this are the incredible cash backs, discounts, reward points, free miles, free movie tickets and other attractive freebies bundled into specific cards which makes it hard for the regular buyer to say no to a SBI credit card.

  • Look at some of the fantastic offers that you will see only on SBI credit cards
  • Complimentary welcome gifts
  • True priority where you get rewarded for every purchase
  • Cash points to encourage savings
  • Up to 2.5% value cash backs
  • Offers complete fuel freedom
  • Zero annual fee
  • 20000 reward points and complimentary membership to Air India Flying Returns Program
  • Air India SBI signature card offering 90000 reward points
  • Free miles and more earnings per miles
  • Railway booking offers with IRCTC cards
  • VISA Lounge Access program
  • 10% value back on AC ticket fare
  • 1.8% transaction charge waiver on IRCTC
  • Complimentary movie tickets on BookMyShow and much more!

Ready to apply for one? Let’s see how!

How to apply for an SBI credit card Online?

The easiest way to do this is to visit the online SBI credit card website and initiate the proceedings. The same can be accessed at

Once you are on the website, kindly take a look at the various cards and specific offers available. Some of them are:

  1. Air India SBI signature card
  2. IRCTC SBI card
  3. SBI Signature card
  4. SBI Platinum card
  5. SBI Simply Save card

The website displays in detail the various benefits and features associated with each card. Kindly note that the annual fees, joining fees, transaction limit, withdrawal charges etc associated with each of these cards are different.

If you are unable to choose a card yourself or you are confused with the various options, click on “Help me find a card” which will give you suggestions on which card to choose and which will better suit your needs.

Once you have finalized which card you would like to proceed with, fill up the “Get Started” form where you need to fill up the following:

First name
Mobile no
PAN no
Annual income
Email id
City of residence.

Enter all these details and click on submit to send your details across to an SBI representative. It is recommended to provide the PAN number at the application stage itself in order to prevent any unwanted delays in the later stages. PAN cards have been made mandatory for credit card applications by the Reserve Bank of India. If you don’t already have a PAN card, it is highly recommended to get one at the earliest.

Completing the application process:

Once your application is reviewed, an SBI representative will get back to you for clarifications and confirmation. If everything goes satisfactorily, you will qualify for the next level of application wherein you need to provide the following documents.

PAN card, copy and original for verification
Any ID proof (passport, voter ID, driver license, UID Aadhar number or PAN card)

This should be accompanied with address proof as well as your photograph. You will be provided an application number once all this is submitted. Now, your whole application will be reviewed by multiple teams and your eligibility ascertained.

It might taken anywhere between two to four weeks for your application to go through. If by any chance any discrepancy is found, you will be contacted for clarifications at which stage you will need to furnish additional / supporting documents.

You can track your SBI credit card application status Online, when you enter your application number in the space provided, your application status will be displayed. Once approved, your SBI credit card will be shipped to your shipping address.


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