How to Convert SBI Credit Card Reward Points into Cash Amount

State Bank of India offers its customers various financial products and services. And its most exciting products are different types of debit cards and credit cards, which may suit its clients’ requirements. The most attractive aspect of these credit cards is reward points. So, some reward points are earned every time you make transactions via credit card.

The reward points earned by the SBI credit card can be converted to cash or redeemed for various popular gift items listed in a catalogue, which provides the SBI credit card with a unique feature. By using this attractive facility, you can make your purchases more economical with the SBI credit card when you redeem these reward points as you please. Here, in this article, we will figure out how to convert SBI Credit Card Reward Points into cash amount.

Steps to Convert SBI Credit Card Reward Points into Cash Amount

Suppose you have an SBI credit card, and your credit card has earned sufficient reward points. For some reason, if you don’t know how to Convert SBI Credit Card Reward Points into Cash, then follow the below-given information and simple instructions. You can quite easily able to convert the reward points into cash, such as:

Step 1: First, visit the SBI Card website or download SBI CARD from your mobile Play store and Log in to your account.

Step 2: Now, you will find multiple options on your main Interface, where you can see your transactions account statement and Rewards Summary, i.e., up to date number of reward points earned on your credit card. For example, suppose you have earned a total of 5,300 reward points.

sbi rewards points

Step 3: Now click the three horizontal lines at the top-left corner of the screen on the app. Then navigate and scroll down the screen to find and click the REWARDS section. On the website, you will see the reward option on the sidebar directly, click on that.

Step 4:  Now, you will see your up-to-date REWARD SUMMARY and REDEMPTION history section. Here you will find the different reward vouchers. If you find that these vouchers are not helpful for you, then proceed ahead. Click on the REDEEM option at the Side bottom of the screen.

e voucher sbi rewards

Step 5:  In the next window, you will see the search bar at the top screen. Now, enter any e-commerce website, like an Amazon voucher or Flipkart voucher, etc., in the search bar. For example, if you type and enter ‘Amazon Voucher,’ you will see different Amazon vouchers for different amounts. Or you can choose ‘e-voucher‘ in categories.

If you want to convert the Reward Points of the SBI Credit Card into cash, then you will see options like:

a. Amazon Pay e-gift card Rs. 5,000.
Points needed – 38000 points, or
Points + Pay – 19000 + Rs. 2,500.

b. Amazon Pay e-gift card Rs. 2,500.
Points needed – 19000 points, or
Points + Pay – 9500 + Rs. 1,250.

c. Amazon Pay e-gift card Rs. 1000.
Points needed – 7500 points, or
Points + Pay – 3750 + Rs. 500.

Step 6:  Now, as supposed, if you have only 5,300 reward points, and you click the minimum gift voucher for Rs. 1000, then you will have to select one of the two options, such as

a. 7500 reward points
b. 3750 points + Rs. 500

amazon pay gift card

When you select the second option and click the Add To Cart option, 3750 points will be deducted from your 5,300 points as well as Rs. 500 will be deducted from your credit card. And Rs. 1000 gift voucher is successfully added to your SBI CARD.

Step 7:  Now, click CONTINUE REDEEMING and then tap the CHECK OUT options. Now, check your email ID and mobile number and tick two boxes on the screen and click PLACE ORDER.

buy amazon gift card using sbi reward points

Finally, you will get a confirmation from your SBI bank branch that you will get your Rs. 1000 gift voucher within five days. So this way, you can redeem your SBI Credit card reward points in cash.


If you are a customer of the State Bank of India and have Reward Points, you need not be clueless about how to convert SBI Credit Card Reward Points into cash amount. We have already explained the detailed guidelines in the article above.

However, you can also call the customer care number of the SBI Credit Card 18601807777 to redeem the reward points offline. The representatives of the bank will assist you with the redemption process.

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