HDFC Credit Card Reward Points Value In Rupees

HDFC Bank is considered to be one of the most popular and best banks that people have these days. Providing a lot of amazing services to the people out there, this Bank has definitely created a name for itself in the banking sector and people consider themselves lucky if they get to have an account here in the best way for sure.

So, that is one of the main reasons why people tend to have their accounts on the HDFC banks for sure. Here we are going to talk about one of the services that the bank provides to the customers in the best way for sure.

HDFC Credit Cards And Reward Points

There is no doubt that HDFC has been providing a lot of services to the people who are in the need of it for sure. That is one reason why the people are so keen on having their account in the HDFC Bank for sure.

Well, starting from personal loans to insurance benefits and so much more, there are benefits that the people can actually take advantage of when they have their account in the HDFC Bank. One such amazing service of the HDFC bank would have the credit card that they provide to the people out there. Here we are going to discuss a little bit about it.

So, make sure that you are listening to us carefully just so that you don’t miss out on the details in the best way for sure.

When it comes to the HDFC Credit cards, there are so many different things that people don’t yet know about. We are going to provide them with the knowledge that they need to have in the first place so that they don’t end up making any mistake as well.

So, we going to start right now. The HDFC Credit Cards tend to have a certain reward points program for the users out there. When the users tend to make some sort of transactions with the credit card of the HDFC bank, they are rewarded with some points.

Credit Card Reward Point Value in Rupees
Solitaire 1 point 0.40 Rupee
Business Money Back 1 point 0.40 Rupee
Money Back 1 point 0.40 Rupee
Titanium Edge 1 point 0.25 Rupee
Platinum Edge 1 point 0.40 Rupee

Now when the points on the HDFC credit card would accumulate to a total to 500 points, then the person would be allowed to redeem the points in the form of gifts, vouchers, flier miles and so much more.

So, in case you have a proper HDFC Credit Card and you want to have some information on the reward points, there is no doubt that you are going to get all the information right here in the best way.

Well, now people would want to know the charge of these amazing reward points in Rupees for sure. Well, it totally depends on the Credit Card type. For example, in the case of the Titanium Edge credit card, the value would be 0.25 Rupee and for the Platinum card, it would be 0.40 Rupee.

So, these are some of the details that you need to know about the amazing HDFC Credit Card Reward Points value. We hope that this article was informative to you and provided you with the knowledge that you seek in the best way.

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