How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points To Cash

As we live in the digital era, it is quite likely that we use our HDFC cards for purchasing or paying our utility bills. As we use our cards for such purpose, we earn reward points. It is useless to have those points stored; it is best to redeem them.

The best way to redeem the points is to do it through net banking process. There are appropriate steps which you need to follow.

Method 1: Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Cash Through Online Banking

Step 1. You need to log in to the net banking account of HDFC using the customer id and password that you have.

hdfc net banking login page

Step 2: You have to select the ‘Cards‘ option which is on the menu bar and select your card number, then click ‘continue‘ button twice.

redeem rewards points hdfc

Note: You need to turn off pop-up blocker to enable HDFC Rewards Page to open.

cash redemption hdfc reward points

Step 3: On the left-hand side, you will see the ‘Cash Redemption‘ option which you have to select to have your reward points redeemed for cash.

enter rewards detail hdfc

Step 4: The cash amount will be credited to your account after you have entered details like card number, available points, the amount in rupees and the points that you want to be redeemed and click the ‘proceed’ button.

Method 2: Redeem reward points for HDFC to Cash by Calling on Customer service centers

You can easily call the customer service e centers of HDFC  1800 266 4332 and have your reward points redeemed.

Method 3: HDFC Reward points Redemption Through post

You can mail the filled in redemption form to relevant authority of HDFC to have your points redeemed.

Method 4: HDFC Reward Points Online redemption 

  • You can redeem your points through online mode too. For doing so, you need to login to HDFC Net banking portal and click on ‘credit cards‘ tab.
  • You need to register your credit card and after that be on Redeem Reward Points tab.
  • As you select your card, you will be in the Redeem Reward Points section.
  • Then you need to select online redemption and the point range to view the catalog from where you can select items that you can add to shopping cart and place order.

Method 5: Points and Pay

This is also an option of redemption of the points that you have accumulated.


  1. I have no Account in HDFC bank but I have credit to get reward points to redeem.


  3. hi, I tried redeeming points through net banking, but even after making changes to pop up blocker, still not able to to disable that pop-up blocker?

    • I am not interested in the product being Sr Citizen and request you transfer cash in my credit card. Thanks

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