What is UDD ID in Upstox?

UCC is a Unique Client Code given by your broker once it confirms your trading or Demat account. It represents some numerics and some alphabetic together. This is an account holder number just, like a bank account number once the bank account is open. A trading broker will give you the UCC ID for your trade account to track your Upstox account. Now, if you don’t know what Upstox is, you need to know it first.

Upstox is a broking firm in India providing trading facilities at reasonable prices. Upstox broker firm runs a partnership program where you can be a broker and refer others as a customer to get benefits with the profit income of those customers. Other than that, you can earn by referring people, and another one is with the first Upstox account they will open. Upstox is a combination of trading and Demat accounts where you will find your Demat account maintenance charge is Rs-0.

Here, we are sharing some benefits you can avail yourself of with Upstox. Before opening a new Upstox account, some points need to know. When you open a Upstox account, you will get 20/- per trade brokerage, including delivery charges across all segments. You can trade and work on your trading over the Upstox app through IOS or Android both. Start maintaining Demat account with zero amount as mentioned earlier.

udd id upstox

You can AMO(After Market Order) and Cover Order both on the website and mobile. Web and mobile both the platform will help you find out Spot, vertical comparison of rates, Future prices, circuit levels details, market depth, etc. Here you can also apply for IPO. Upstox MF platform provides 1000s of mutual funds for investment, and people can also select the pattern of investing.

There are some disadvantages as well with Upstox. You will have to pay per trading Rs-20/- for equity delivery brokerage, where other broker firms do the job for free. GTC and GTD orders are not available in the equity segment and are only available in commodity trading. If you are opening a Upstox trading account, keep in mind that Upstox never offers unlimited monthly trading plans.

UCC ID is a unique numeric code that is only provided by Upstox to its client. Upstox has a massive market in the trading field and has more than 5 lakh customers. As there are such enormous numbers to deal with, Upstox creates unique and different IDs for each client to maintain their privacy record safe.

Every client can log in through their ID to trade in the Upstox platform separately. This UCC ID is different from each ID that denotes the client’s trading tools and identity. UCC ID is a six-digit number that will help the broker log in to the Upstox. We hope you are clear with UCC ID in Upstox, and for more details regarding this, contact us.

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