How to Check Bank of America Credit Card Application Status Online

As far as credit card providers are concerned, Bank of America is one of the most prominent worldwide. It provides a wide variety of cards based on individual requirements. For example, suppose you have already applied for a credit card from Bank of America.

In that case, you must be anxious to know how to check the Bank of America Credit Card application status online. However, you need not be worried about the same, as we will discuss the best possible process here, following which you will be easily able to view your boa credit card application status.

1. Check Bank of America credit card application status online

If you have completed the 90 days after applying for a credit card from Bank of America, you can view and check its status by following the below-given simple steps:

1. Log in to the Bank of America official website and click on the Application Status Center link or Visit the direct link

2. Refer to your credit card application and enter the required information such as your last name, birthdate, the last four digits of your social security number, and the first five digits of your zip code. Click on the Submit button.

Now, you will see your current credit card status right in front of you on your registered mobile number or email ID.

check bank of america credit card application status

2. Check Bank of America Credit Card Application Status by approaching Customer Care

If for some reason, you want to know your Bofa Credit Card Application Status, you can do so by approaching the Bank’s customer care. You will have to make them a call on their credit card customer care numbers: “8007329194” or “8002769939” or “8662660212“.

You must follow the recorded voice mail or IVRS call process, which means ‘Interactive Voice Response System.’ You must then enter the necessary details over the IVRS system, such as your Zipcode and social security number. In this way, you will be able to know your credit card application status quite quickly.

3. Check Bank of America Credit Card Application Status Offline by Visiting Bank Branch

You can also check the application status of your credit card by visiting your Bank of America branch. For this, you will have to present your social security number, ZIP code, and other personal details to the bank personnel, who will arrange to let you know your Bofa credit card application status after some straightforward formalities.

What different types of Credit Card Application Status can you be provided with the information from the Bank of America?

  1. If you received the message “In Progress,” then it means that, at present, your application for a Credit Card is being reviewed by Bank of America.
  2. If you received the message “Approved,” then it means that this status represents that the Bank of America has already approved your credit card application. But you will have to wait for a specific period to receive your credit card.
  3. If you received the message “Dispatched,” then it means that the bank has approved your application, your credit card is ready, and the bank will send it to your registered residential address.
  4. If you received the message “On Hold,” then it means that your application failed in the verification process, some documents are incorrect /incomplete, or some information is missing. However, in any case, the bank will hold your application until the matter in dispute is resolved.
  5. If you received the message “Declined,” then it means that the bank hasn’t approved your application because of failing to meet their eligibility standards or for some other reason.
  6. If you received the message “No Records Found,” then it means the bank did not accept your records. In such a case, you should call the bank’s customer care service to find out the problem.

While checking out your Boa credit card application’s status, you must enter all the details carefully and correctly. For example, you can follow the status of your credit card shipment by using the “AWB” i. e. Airway Bill number. You can visit the following below-given websites:

  • BLUE
  • DHL

After processing and approving your application, Bank of America will provide you with your credit card within one week or two weeks to your registered residential address.

Services Contact
Boa Credit card customer Care number 8007329194, 8002769939 or 8662660212
International Customer care number 17576774701
Social Media Help
Address Application status inquiries
Bank of America
PO Box 2493
Norfolk, VA 23501-2493

Wrapping Up

If you were curious about Checking Bank of America Credit Card Application Status Online, then you will be well satisfied by the way we have discussed. For example, suppose you still face any problems or doubts in receiving your credit card. In that case, you should approach the Bank of America’s customer care, or you may contact the courier service if your credit card is already dispatched.

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