Latest IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges 2024

Whenever you fail to find tickets for the required travel date or you need to travel immediately in case of any emergency, you can opt for tatkal tickets. And sometimes, you also need to cancel tatkal tickets. You should know about IRCTC tatkal ticket cancellation charges in such a case.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges

If you have booked Tatkal e-tickets using the IRCTC website and, for some reason, want to cancel them, but you are still doubtful about What are the IRCTC tatkal ticket cancellation charges, then you can trust us. We are just providing you with the complete necessary information to clear your doubts in this regard, such as:

1. You should know that you can cancel the booked Tatkal tickets if their PNR Status remains in waitlisted/RAC status. You can cancel them about 30 Minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.

Please note that if the waitlisted Tatkal tickets were not confirmed, they would be automatically Cancelled, and the passengers would be refunded. In the case of RAC or waitlisted tickets, the refund will be given after deducting the Clerkage charges.

2. You should know that usually, IRCTC e-tickets can be Cancelled either for one passenger or the other passengers. Still, as for the Tatkal tickets booked as e-tickets are concerned, you should take proper care while Cancelling the tatkal tickets.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges

For example, suppose the booked tatkal ticket (featuring the identity details) is canceled. In this case, the entire ticket gets Cancelled, and if the Tatkal tickets get partially Cancelled, a refund will be given only to waitlisted Tatkal passengers.

3. In case of partly confirmed or family Tatkal e-tickets featuring confirmed and waitlisted tickets, a full refund will be issued after deducting the Clerkage charges.

Type Of Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges
Confirmed Tatkal Ticket No Refund
Waiting List Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Upto 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train

Rs. 60

Waiting List Tatkal Ticket IF not Cancelled or TDR is not filed online up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train

No Refund

4. IRCTC provides a complete refund of confirmed Tatkal tickets under certain conditions, such as:

  • In case the train follows a diverted route you don’t want to travel.
  • In case the train is delayed by over three hours at the passenger’s boarding station.
  • In case the train follows a diverted route wherein your source station and destination station do not come in that route.
  • In case your seat/berth is allotted in the lower class, and you do not wish to travel.
  • In case you made to travel in the lower class, you would get a calculated refund, i.e., the difference in the Tatkal and Tatkal charges.
  • In case you have booked a Premium tatkal e-ticket, you will not get any refund if you cancel your confirmed ticket.

5. If you wish to book Tatkal tickets through the IRCTC website and need to cancel for some reason, then you should know about the Tatkal cancellation policy 2020.

As per this policy, no refund will be issued to individuals with confirmed tatkal tickets. If anyone has a travel ticket with waitlisted or RAC status and gets confirmed after preparing the final chart, then such a ticket would be considered confirmed. The cancellation charges for such tickets are payable as applicable to the confirmed tickets.

6. You can also know that earlier Cancellations of the waitlisted or the RAC Tatkal tickets were allowed 24 hours before the departure of the train. Now, you can cancel waitlisted/ RAC tatkal tickets 30 minutes before the train departure from the origin station as per the train schedule.

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So this way, you can quickly learn about What are the IRCTC tatkal ticket cancellation charges.


After reading this article, we believe that you would have been well aware of the facts about tatkal ticket cancellation charges in IRCTC, and all the doubts in this regard are cleared.

Updated: 16 JAN 2024

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