What Does IRCTC Pending From Bank End Means?

IRCTC, known as the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, is the arm for e-ticketing of Indian railways. It provides specific rules which are used for booking and canceling the train tickets. In advance of 120 days, a passenger can book a ticket for every class and every train through the website of IRCTC.

For bookings, IRCTC provides many payment options for users’ convenience, like net banking, e-wallet service, card payment, and a digital wallet. While booking a ticket, sometimes you might face problems where you may see a payment failure or IRCTC pending from the bank end, and these are caused because of large transactions done at the same time.

The IRCTC online payment involves a very complex technical system and the bandwidth between telecommunication networking and the user’s internet. The bank IT systems and payment getaways strongly depend on the connectivity of the internet through various constituents.

Any delay or failure in such a complex network might cause transaction failure between completion. In such a situation, you may face the IRCTC pending from the bank end issue where money got deducted from the bank, but the ticket was not booked.

Sometimes, a failure transaction occurs when there occurs an incomplete transaction due to some reason non-attributable for the customer, like a failure in communication, session time out, or connectivity issues.

These are the few problems faced when your ticket was not booked, but money was deducted from the bank account. So it is essential to know the possibilities for arising of such issues you faced and could not have a successful booking.

irctc pending from bank end

Irctc shows Pending from bank end error due to 2 following reasons:

  1. Payment is made, but the ticket was not booked– This situation occurs when passengers opt for a particular berth during the booking ticket. Still, the ticket was not booked due to the berth’s unavailability. Network failure is also a reason. In this scenario, the amount gets credited back the next day to your respective bank. A bank credit the amount in 2-3 working days to the account where the booking was made.
  2. When there is a failure in settlement but tickets were not booked, a situation where the system or networks fails from the bank end or during the payment gateway before passing the ticket amount to IRCTC. The amount did not get paid to the IRCTC account and remain with the bank. The bank then refunds the amount after a verification.

So in these two situations, the problem of IRCTC pending from bank end issues arises where many panic waves as their money got deducted. Still, one shouldn’t worry as your money safely returns to your bank account.

The failure occurs due to the IRCTC’s complex technical systems and telecommunication network integration. It entirely depends on internet connectivity. Due to such a situation, your money gets debited.

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If you are not sure and worried about the refund, one can contact the IRCTC through refund request to [email protected], and it is necessary to provide the transaction details.

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  1. Akash booked a ticket for the journey from Chennai to Nagercoil and the amount has been debited but the ticket not booked. I called the customer care number and I get clarification. Good communication

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