How To Check BOB Credit Card Tracking Status Online

Bank of Baroda (BOB) offers a variety of credit cards for its customers to suit their spending patterns. These cards are designed to cater to user-specific lifestyle needs, such as traveling, shopping, and much more. A Bank Of Baroda credit card can be easily applied for online using the official website of BOB Financial Limited, which is a subsidiary of Bank of Baroda.

When you apply for a BOB credit card, and once the credit card application process is completed, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt from the bank, wherein a credit card application reference number will be given to you. With the help of this reference number, you can quickly check the tracking status of your application online. However, while checking the tracking status, one of the following status results will be displayed on your mobile phone: No record found, In progress, Approved, Dispatched, On hold, and Rejected.

Through this detailed article post, we will be discussing and explaining the effortless process for how you can check your BOB credit card tracking application status online and what are the different meanings of their status results, which you should know correctly. So, without wasting any time, let us get started with an informative read and look at deeper information on the above subjects.

Steps To Check BOB Credit Card Tracking Status Online

Suppose you have applied for a BOB credit card. You want to check its tracking status online. But you don’t have any idea about that. Don’t worry. Here, we will assist you with some quick and easy step-wise instructions to help you in this regard. Just follow the below-written steps:

Step 1. Open Google Chrome or your default web browser on your mobile phone. Then, Type “bob credit card status check” in your mobile search bar and search it. Click on the “Track Application Status” link on the next screen under the official website, of BoB Financial, which is a subsidiary of the Bank of Baroda.

Check BOB Credit Card Tracking Status Online

Enter your BOB credit card application reference number, your PAN card number, or your registered mobile number on the next screen as needed. Then click on the “Get Details” option.

Step 2. After that, the tracking status of your credit card application will be displayed on your mobile phone, such as your application has been received and is under process, or you will see some other status results.

BOB Credit Card application rejected

However, you should know the correct meaning/interpretation of these status results.

Meaning Of Different Status Results For BOB Credit Card Application

When you check a BOB credit card application status online, one of many status results for your application will be displayed on your mobile phone. However, you should know the correct interpretation of all of them so that you can take necessary action when needed. These are different status results and their interpretations as mentioned hereunder:

1. No records found

This status result means that you need to enter an incorrect credit card application reference number. You will have to recheck it and enter the correct application number again.

2. Your application is in progress

This status result means that BOB has not taken any decision on your credit card application so far; it is still being reviewed by the bank, and the bank may take a few more days to dispatch it to your postal address.

3. Your application is approved

This status result means that BOB has accepted your request to issue a new credit card applied for, and it will be shortly dispatched to your postal address.

4. Your credit card is dispatched

This status result means that BOB has dispatched your credit card to your postal address. Now you can expect it will be delivered to you soon. However, the bank will also send a message on your registered mobile phone number as well as your registered email ID, wherein specific dispatch details will be displayed, such as the Airway Bill Number, with the help of which you can track the status of the speed post/courier service, and its expected date of delivery.

5. Your application is on hold

This status result means that BOB requires information/details of some additional documents for verification purposes regarding your request for a new credit card. Currently, the bank has put your application on hold until the required information/documents are submitted to the bank. You can expect that BOB officials will shortly contact you via phone call and/or a message on your registered mobile number/email ID to demand you do the needful.

6. Your application is rejected

This status result means that BOB considers that you have not fulfilled the eligibility criteria as per the bank’s set norms. Therefore, BOB has rejected your credit card application. However, you can contact the Bank Of Baroda Credit Card Helpline Service to know the reason for the rejection of your application and the information/details required by the bank for approval of your credit card application.

After getting approved, sms will be sent to your registered number with AWB number. You can track your bob credit card through blue dart. That’s it. By thoroughly reading the above written critical information in this article and following easy step-wise guidance to perform the effortless process, you can quickly understand the procedure to check your BOB Credit Card tracking status online.

The Bottom Line

We can expect that you have enjoyed reading this blog post. Now you know how to check your Bank of Baroda Credit Card tracking status and what are the different interpretations/meanings of their status results.

However, suppose you are still facing some difficulties, issues, or grievances regarding checking your Bank Of Baroda credit card application status. In that case, you can easily contact Customer Care Service by giving a call at the Bank Of Baroda Credit Card Helpline number: 1800 – 225 – 100.

Or you can also drop an email for the same to [email protected] to register your queries, issues, or grievances. After that, the concerned BOB bank officials will shortly guide you through resolving the issues accordingly and satisfactorily.

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