How To Check Jeevan Pramaan Status Online

The Government of India has launched the Jeevan Pramaan digital service, which is a life certificate program. It provides a digital life certificate for pensioners, which makes sure they continue to receive their monthly pension without any difficulty. Every year, all government pensioners are required to submit a life certificate to pension-disbursing authorities (PDAs) such as banks and post offices, etc.

In order to procure this life certificate, a government pensioner is required to either personally present himself (or herself) before the Pension Disbursing Agency, or must have the Life Certificate issued by the authority where he/she has served before retirement and have it submitted to the PDA. Jeevan Pramaan digital service eases the process of getting a pensioner’s life certificate, which is valid proof of his/her life and is recognized under the IT Act.

Biometric authentication of the pensioner is done using the Aadhaar platform for getting the digital life certificate through the Jeevan Pramaan service. After successful authentication of the pensioner, a Digital Life Certificate is generated and safely stored in the Life Certificate Repository for making it available 24×7 at any time and from anywhere for the pensioner and the Pension Disbursing Agency as well.

After the successful generation of the digital life certificate, an acknowledgment SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number of the pensioner, wherein the details of his/her Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID will be included.

After this ID is generated, the pensioner can download his/her Digital Life Certificate (DLC) in a PDF format from the Jeevan Pramaan official website by providing the Jeevan Pramaan ID and also electronically submit the same to the Pension Disbursing Agency using the e-delivery facility. However, if you have generated the digital life certificate and submitted it to your PDA, you may need to know about its status.

In this article post, we have provided you with detailed information about what the Jeevan Pramaan digital service is and what its benefits are, what the significance of the Digital Life Certificate (DLC) is, and how to check Jeevan Pramaan status online. Stick around and carry on going through this article for more information. So, without wasting any time, we should quickly get started to delve deeper into this article to assist you in learning about the above subjects.

Steps To Check Jeevan Pramaan Status Online

Suppose you have generated the digital life certificate and submitted it to your Pension Disbursing Agency. You want to know its status online. But, for some reason, you don’t know how to know it. Don’t worry. Some quick and easy steps will effectively guide you for the same.

These are the steps as written hereunder:

Step 1. Search Jeevan Pramaan official website: and click on the first link, “Jeevan Pramaan: Life Certificate for the Pensioners“. Next, click on the “Pensioner Login” option on the next screen.

 pensioner login jeevan pramaan

Step 2. Enter your Jeevan Pramaan ID and the given captcha code on the next screen as needed. Then click on the “Generate OTP” button.

generate otp jeevanv pramaan

Step 3. Next, a 6-digit OTP will be sent to the mobile phone number registered with your bank. Enter this OTP as needed. Then click on the “Login” button.

enter otp jeevanv pramaan

Step 4. Next, scroll down to the bottom of your next mobile screen to view the status of your life certificate (Jeevan Pramaan). Here, you can quickly check whether your bank has accepted the digital life certificate or not.

Check Jeevan Pramaan Status Online

When your bank accepts your Jeevan Pramaan, an SMS message will be displayed on your mobile screen stating that your Digital Life Certificate has been successfully accepted by your bank.

Please note: After generating the Jeevan Pramaan Patra (Digital Life Certificate) online, you can easily download its file in a PDF format and quickly check your Jeevan Pramaan ID.

That’s it. By following the above-explained effortless process and easy steps, you can quickly check Jeevan Pramaan’s status online without any hassle.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have provided you with detailed, critical, and profound information about what the Jeevan Pramaan digital service is and what are its benefits, what is the significance of the Digital Life Certificate (DLC), and procedure for Jeevan Pramaan status enquiry. We expect you will enjoy reading this blog post, and you will be able to check your Jeevan Pramaan status yourself quickly.

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