1. I already have an sb account with SBI. I now would like my wife to join my account. I have visited the branch twice. It is very crowded. How can I get my wife to join my account?

  2. I want to open a joint account in SBI but my husband is not in India. Is there any solution to open a joint account in SBI? if another person is not physically available here.

  3. sir my father account in sbi bank so want joint account .. how can I joint because my mother aadhar card and voter card some mistake my father name Vinay Kumar Sharma but my mother aadhar card & voter card w/ o:- Binay Singh so how can joint plz suggest me, sir.

  4. I want to open a joint account with my partner so is it possible we go directly to bank and open a joint account….after we apply for the joint account the kit and all come to our home address or if we don’t want any joint account details to our resident address than what we have to do.

  5. Sir, I took agriculture loan. can I transfer to my mother account? is it possible please help me

  6. Sir, I have opened a joint account in sbi with the wife when I open an account to transfer in Ahmedabad branch what can do process

  7. Hello I want to open joint account with my husband but have we both have already own saving account in sbi and now we are applying for passport and we are new married couple so we don’t have any kind of documents like adharcard or election I’d we have only marriage certificate so is it possible to open joint account because bank wants our adharcard updated but we have not enough time for all procedure so please help us for it and guide us …

    • Sir, I want to open a joint account of my grandma but her fingerprint is not coming but she has an I’d proof can she open joint account.

  8. If I want to take all facilities i.e.(ATM, cheque,Net banking, Message alart etc) then what will be procedure?

  9. sir My Grandfather have a sbi account.
    His Work Office need a new Joint Account For the pension process.
    So what do i need to do to get a new joint account?

  10. Hi sir can my husband open joint account without me because i m living outside from India

  11. Can I do RD in my joint account and each month both account holders transfer money from their respective accounts?

  12. I want to open a joint account bt have no marriage certificate, what should I do now??

      • Sir my sbi account opened in jodhpur rajasthan .but I m employed in nagpur Maharashtra with my wife.can open joint account online process .what process .without going to brance .

        • sir my sbi account opened in trivandrum kerla.but i m employed in chennai tamilnadu with my wife. can open joint account online process.what process. without going to branch

    • Yes you can open joint account with your husband without you marriage certificate you can provide your addhar card pan card and joint photo and visit to your bear sbi bank and ask him to open joint account

  13. Sir I m not getting the joint account what is procedure give me a reply on my mail plss its request its urgent

  14. My all address proof in puducherry. Now i am studying diploma in chennai… What proof i need to open new sbi joint account ….

  15. I want to open a joint account with my wife whose surname has been changed after marriage but her all the documents have previous surname.so what should I do ?

  16. Sir I m not getting the joint account what is procedure give me a reply on my mail plss its request its urgent

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