How to Add Beneficiary in Bank of India

Bank of India (BOI) is one of the top banks in India. These days, transferring money from bank of India to other banks has become very easy through internet banking. Beneficiaries are added into a bank account’s online interface to make fund transferring easier.

If you want to create an account with Bank of India and want to add a  payee or beneficiary account, go through the following procedures:

How to Add a Beneficiary in Bank of India

1. To begin the beneficiary adding procedure, launch a web browser of your preference and navigate to this web address Wait until the page loads.

bank of india net banking

2. To the left hand side of the page, there should be an Internet Banking pane with few options underneath like Retail, Corporate, Global etc. The procedure is shown for Retail accounts (normal user). Click on ‘Retail‘.

bank of india net banking login

3. The login page for Bank of India online accounts would load. The system is also known as Star Connect. However, you should see a User ID and Password field in the left pane and a virtual keyboard in the mid-section.

4. Click on ‘transfer’ tab from top menu.

transfer tab in bank of india

5. Click on ‘IMPS Payment‘ from the left side to add new beneficiary account. Similarly, you can also use ‘RTGS payment‘ and ‘NEFT payment‘ to add beneficiary.

imps payment bank of india

6. Next click on ‘Add Beneficiary‘, A new page would appear with a lot of fields. Fill up all the necessary beneficiary information asked by the bank. Once you are done, click on ‘Add Beneficiary‘ on the bottom of the page.

Example shown in image:

add imps beneficiary in bank of india

7. Next enter user id and transaction password. Then approve your beneficiary by entering code sent to your registered mobile number. Your beneficiary account will be added with in 24 hours.


This procedure shows how to create an online banking account in Bank of India Platform and then add a beneficiary.


  1. How to Add a Beneficiary in Bank of India Retail users.
    I am unable to see Transfer option in my net banking account.
    There are only showing 1. Accounts 2. Credit Card 3. Demat 4. Requests 5. Mails 6. Options 7. Activity

    But I am unable to see Transfer option to Make a transaction.

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