How to Close Kotak Bank Account Online

Kotak Mahindra Bank (कोटक महिंद्रा बैंक) is a reputed bank in India. It can be said that you have an account at such a bank. But, it cannot be said that even though it is a reputed bank you always wish to continue having an account there.

The reasons may be many such as the bad behavior of staffs, higher interest rate or not having facilities which you can have from other banks that prompt you to the closure of such account.

It is good to say at the beginning that there is no such process where you can close your Kotak Mahindra Bank account online. You should always visit your home bank branch to close your account physically. Alternatively, you can take the online help to download the forms required for closing your account.

However, you need to visit your home branch where you opened your account. This read will help us in knowing the ways by which you can close your Kotak Mahindra Bank account.

Important things you should remember prior to closing your account

There are certain considerations that you must make sure before you close your account. The things to remember are:

  • If you close your bank account in Kotak Mahindra Bank, you can never open an account in KMB.
  • The balance in your account must be zero before the account closure.
  • You may have certain dues payable to the bank; you need to clear those dues first. After that, you proceed to close your account in Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • It is prudent that you obtain a full bank statement prior to closing your account. This statement may be required in future.

 The process involved in closing your account

If you have decided to close your account, then there are certain steps involved that you should follow. Let us carefully check out those steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: There is a requirement of a stipulated account closure form to close your bank account in KMB. Visit the site to download the form or get form from branch.

Step 2: Proper filling up of closure form: The said form has to be filled up by the account holder without making a single mistake. You need to mention the below-mentioned details in the closure form.

  • Account holder name
  • The account number that you wish to close
  • The mobile number of yours
  • You need to specify how you intend to have the remaining money from the bank. You can opt for any either cash, cheque, DD or transfer the amount to another account.
  • The account holder signature must be done in the proper place.

Step 3: Surrendering your debit card, passbook and cheque book: The debit card, passbook and cheque issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank must be surrendered along with the closure form.

kotak mahindra bank account closure form

Important Note: If your account balance is lower than the minimum balance required to be kept in your account, you will get that transferred. However, for account balance below zero, the bank charges a non-maintenance fee as applicable.

Step 4: Prerequisite of address proof: It may be that the branch where you have your account may ask for an address proof so you must keep that ready with you.

If you have a valid reason for closing the bank account then definitely you can go forward. However, if there are no such reasons and you are closing it just for the sake of closing it, then you can give a second thought.

A bank account is necessary for a number of purposes such as it acts as a valid address proof. Also, a bank account statement is necessary for credit card approval or loan sanction. Therefore, you should think twice before you decide to close your account.


  1. Worst Bank. There aim is only to increase the number of accounts but not quality service. If we approach the bank for any purpose, they compelled the people for opening an account. After opening an account they will show their real face.

  2. Worst bank, when I am opening account branch member told me that this is zero balance account but after one month Kotak employee called me and said you need to do 10 transactions per month otherwise I have to pay penalty, without informing the correct information this bank is taking my money worst bank I have ever seen, this bank is always ready to put penalty on customers.

  3. Without knowing they deducted some maintenance amount from my account. So I decided to close the account.

  4. Kmb is the worst bank I had ever seen in my life. I have a salary account. I provided exact details to the bank regarding opening salary account. But they freeze the account without any proper reason. Account can't be credited or debited. No proper response from customer service or even from the bank. Dear KMB, u don't have the eligibility to run a bank. Even a beggar is begging to get the money. But u morons taking our money and running the bank. Ur bank must be sealed and closed forever.

  5. I was using a salary account in Kotak bank. Now I quit the job I don't maintain a minimum balance. I want to close my account.

  6. Hi, Team, I want to close my salary account as it was previous companies salary account now I am not using the account so kindly do the favor by closing the account.

  7. When I opened here I was satisfied. But after 1 month 17000 was deducted without any warning or information. When money was deducted I got a message from Kotak Security. After I complained I got around 8000 refunds. But the rest were gone. So I was afraid that things happen again so I never deposit anymore. So I want to close down. It's better not to have an account here.

  8. I want to close my account because of AMB non maintained a charge. It Charges much more. Please don't use such type of account in every month some type of charges are deduce from the account.

  9. I don't have an account with Kotak directly my ING account got transferred, now through this comment, I want to say I am not interested to make this Account active with Kotak, what is the way forward.

  10. Worst service ever provided by KMB. Without prior informing suddenly they deducted Rs 900 from my account for annual card fee. Full of morons.?

    • It happened with me also, they deducted 880 rs from my account for Debit card annual fee. Today, 13 Aug, I closed this bank account. They were asking me to stay and luring me with other offers. But don't use this bank, they take more than giving any interest.

  11. hi noida sector 16 me ek faizan employee hai jo mera account open kiya tha zero account bol kr uske bad kuch time ke bad mere account se paisa katne laga or jb puchha to bola ki aapko maintaince krna hoga account ko .hum ye
    A/C closed krwana chate hai or barnch gye to bola ki jo bhi aapke pass negative paisa hai wo aapko pura pay krna prega tb ja kr A/C closed hoga ..yese ise chutiya log bhi hote hai bank me ...koi bhi nhi sunta hai bank me kisi ka bat jb bat huaa tha call pr to bola ki without charge ka band ho jayega or jb bank gye to paisa magne laga.mera A/C band krwan hai koi process bato kaise band hoga .....kaise band hoga A/c......7531891374 plz advice me

  12. I also want to close my account from this bank. Whenever I check the amount from Kotak 811 app, 'so and so' money is been deducted in the name of 'AdhocStamt', 'Debit Card Annual Fee', 'TBMS' without mentioning any proper details for what those charges were put for.

  13. What a stupid bank it is, those are cut 5000rs for fine in one shot and not provided any information in a mini statement also. Don't use this type of banks.

  14. I opened an account in KMB. But still, I didn’t deposit single amount in that account. Due to some reason, I’m not able to maintain that. but two months once I’m getting mail from KMB. due to minimum balance, I need to pay like that. Please suggest how to cancel the account without a problem.

  15. I want to close my Kotak account. Due to AMB
    Average minimum balance. 1000 rs u guys r charging
    What the hell u think of urself. With our money, u guys r running the bank. And u supposed to changes with our public.

  16. The first requirement is very zero balance account but your court Luminous 5000 very very bad condition when is customer support is very very bad Indian most Bank services so in the world but not very very very good is very very bad condition customer support is very very bad not responding customer support.

  17. I opened an account in KMB. But still, I didn't deposit single amount in that account. Due to some reason, I'm not able to maintain that. but two months once I'm getting mail from KMB. due to minimum balance, I need to pay like that. Please suggest how to cancel the account without a problem.

    • India's very very bad customer service in the Kotak Mahindra Bank not response customer care service and your customer very very very very bad service Kotak Mahindra Bank

    • Yes agree do not open account with this bank starting say 0 balance and every month you will get the message and mail saying non-maintenance fee charged
      Running the bank on these fees
      If anyone asking to open the account with this bank Kik them out first

  18. I have kmb a/c but I'm not using since account open but today I transferred 1000 rs and it will deduct I talked to customer care they told that you are in 6000 minus I told to them ok close my account they said no u have to pay remaining 6000 and go to nearest branch and fill the closer form God pls help me such type of fraud bank in India.

  19. Such a worst Bank I have seen. I have cleared my Credit card payment and I have lost it then I intimated to bank also. even then also they are charging me...
    First, they said like this is ZERO account as long as u can maintain it will be secured. But everything was worst... try to close if u have Kotak

  20. Kotak does a lot of forgeries, they have deducted Rs.5000 in a span of two days because i A/C was dormant for a year. They also charge heavy interest rates too. So, it's useless to keep Kotak Mahindra Account. Icici is miles ahead.

  21. please close my account as it is a salary account and I m not a part of that organization at all. please reach to me and help me closing my a/C.

  22. Kotak is such a bullshit bank I have ever seen in my life. First you have to pay local charge to call on Toll-free.This is beyond stupidity. Monthly charge to maintain account which is 600 approx.this bank is really a shit nothing else

  23. Hey I want to close my account because they deducted 110 rs for tbms but at time of account, opening told that its a zero balance account. Its a fraud

  24. one of the most third class bank in Indian history. They charged a lot of money for no valid reason.Staff behavior is very bad and customer service is not good at all. I suggest you not to open an account in this bank.

  25. Hi, I have an account in KMB. I want to close it. Do I need to close in main branch or any other branch also?

  26. Hello Sir, my self Pritam Chand an account holder of KMB I want to close my account due to unable to keep the aspected money on that sb so please help me to do so.

  27. Please close my account and I m not a part of that organization at all. Why you send me mail for NMC changes when I already sent you a request regarding the closing of the account. Also, I will not pay you a single penny just for NMC changes. I am not using the account and services as well.

  28. I want to close my account.I opened an account through online. I didn't get account number. How can I close my account please suggest me.

  29. please close my account as it is a salary account and I m not a part of that organization at all. please reach to me and help me closing my a/C.

  30. i want to close the account of kotak mahindra bank because kmb opened my current account without my permission, i applied for saving account kMB but opened my current account so that i have to pay a lot of charges. i can not call it so please close my account.

  31. Please close my Kotak bank account as it was said that it will be zero balance i have got message on AQB charges ...Please close my account ...My personal details are _ Sufiya Arif Shaikh
    Location - Mumbai

  32. Sir,
    I stay in Karnataka, I have opened an SB salaried A/c in Hyd branch, presently I am not working and I was to close my A/c. I asked to close my axcount in the mth of Jan'17 but they didn't close and told me that no AMC will be charged but few mths ago when my salary was credited you people charged me more than Rs.3000. At the time of opening an a/c I was told no AMC charges, its like Zero balance a/c but few mths ago my A/c got charged, I'm not working close my A/c,if you didn't close I will not pay a single rupee as its not my mistake, I can't visit branch as I live far and I have to spend money. Please close my A/c.

    Srinivas bitragunta

  33. many attitude in this bank employee and not response with customer
    he/her not satisfied customer not response customer

  34. Dear Team,

    This is Madhava, a saving bank account holder in Kotak Mahindra Bank and the main branch is in Guraon, Delhi. But right now I live in Karnataka ,South of India. I want to close the account as it was opened for the purpose of my salary but I don't work there any I would like to close it at the earliest. Request you to guide me through it and right now I have maintained zero balance..Til last month I have paid the fine but this month I cant I have to close..and this month I don't want to pay fine so guide me ASAP.

  35. Hi I have account in KMB. I want to close it. Do I need to close in main branch or any other branch also.

  36. I have a salary account with KMB but now I am no more an employee of that organisation. It is necessary to close the account, or shall i continue with zero balance account..

  37. I have a salary account with KMB but now I am no more an employee of KMB . How can I locate the branch.

    • When you click get support option in the KMB website after logging into your account. There you will have details related to the branch in which your account is opened.

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