How to Close Kotak Bank Account Online

Kotak Mahindra Bank (कोटक महिंद्रा बैंक) is a reputed bank in India. It can be said that you have an account at such a bank. But, it cannot be said that even though it is a reputed bank you always wish to continue having an account there.

The reasons may be many such as the bad behavior of staffs, higher interest rate or not having facilities which you can have from other banks that prompt you to the closure of such account.

It is good to say at the beginning that there is no such process where you can close your Kotak Mahindra Bank account online. You should always visit your home bank branch to close your account physically. Alternatively, you can take the online help to download the forms required for closing your account.

However, you need to visit your home branch where you opened your account. This read will help us in knowing the ways by which you can close your Kotak Mahindra Bank account.

Important things you should remember prior to closing your account

There are certain considerations that you must make sure before you close your account. The things to remember are:

  • If you close your bank account in Kotak Mahindra Bank, you can never open an account in KMB.
  • The balance in your account must be zero before the account closure.
  • You may have certain dues payable to the bank; you need to clear those dues first. After that, you proceed to close your account in Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • It is prudent that you obtain a full bank statement prior to closing your account. This statement may be required in future.

 The process involved in closing your account

If you have decided to close your account, then there are certain steps involved that you should follow. Let us carefully check out those steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: There is a requirement of a stipulated account closure form to close your bank account in KMB. Visit the site to download the form or get form from branch.

Step 2: Proper filling up of closure form: The said form has to be filled up by the account holder without making a single mistake. You need to mention the below-mentioned details in the closure form.

  • Account holder name
  • The account number that you wish to close
  • The mobile number of yours
  • You need to specify how you intend to have the remaining money from the bank. You can opt for any either cash, cheque, DD or transfer the amount to another account.
  • The account holder signature must be done in the proper place.

Step 3: Surrendering your debit card, passbook and cheque book: The debit card, passbook and cheque issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank must be surrendered along with the closure form.

kotak mahindra bank account closure form

Important Note: If your account balance is lower than the minimum balance required to be kept in your account, you will get that transferred. However, for account balance below zero, the bank charges a non-maintenance fee as applicable.

Step 4: Prerequisite of address proof: It may be that the branch where you have your account may ask for an address proof so you must keep that ready with you.

If you have a valid reason for closing the bank account then definitely you can go forward. However, if there are no such reasons and you are closing it just for the sake of closing it, then you can give a second thought.

A bank account is necessary for a number of purposes such as it acts as a valid address proof. Also, a bank account statement is necessary for credit card approval or loan sanction. Therefore, you should think twice before you decide to close your account.


  1. Please close my Kotak bank account as it was said that it will be zero balance account…now i have got message on AQB charges …Please close my account …My personal details are _ Sufiya Arif Shaikh
    Location – Mumbai

  2. Sir,
    I stay in Karnataka, I have opened an SB salaried A/c in Hyd branch, presently I am not working and I was to close my A/c. I asked to close my axcount in the mth of Jan’17 but they didn’t close and told me that no AMC will be charged but few mths ago when my salary was credited you people charged me more than Rs.3000. At the time of opening an a/c I was told no AMC charges, its like Zero balance a/c but few mths ago my A/c got charged, I’m not working close my A/c,if you didn’t close I will not pay a single rupee as its not my mistake, I can’t visit branch as I live far and I have to spend money. Please close my A/c.

    Srinivas bitragunta

  3. many attitude in this bank employee and not response with customer
    he/her not satisfied customer not response customer

  4. Dear Team,

    This is Madhava, a saving bank account holder in Kotak Mahindra Bank and the main branch is in Guraon, Delhi. But right now I live in Karnataka ,South of India. I want to close the account as it was opened for the purpose of my salary but I don’t work there any I would like to close it at the earliest. Request you to guide me through it and right now I have maintained zero balance..Til last month I have paid the fine but this month I cant I have to close..and this month I don’t want to pay fine so guide me ASAP.

  5. Hi I have account in KMB. I want to close it. Do I need to close in main branch or any other branch also.

  6. I have a salary account with KMB but now I am no more an employee of that organisation. It is necessary to close the account, or shall i continue with zero balance account..

  7. I have a salary account with KMB but now I am no more an employee of KMB . How can I locate the branch.

    • When you click get support option in the KMB website after logging into your account. There you will have details related to the branch in which your account is opened.

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