How to Recover Username, Reset Login & Profile Password in SBI Online

Internet Banking services is indeed a great revolution in the banking and financial industry. If you have an account with State Bank of India, you must be enjoying the offered banking facilities accessing online.

You need not visit the bank or the ATM to avail the banking services. Online banking has brought the banking services to fingertips. You just need to login to your sbi Internet Banking account using the User ID and Password.

Without the User ID and Password, you can’t log in to the account. Upon Registering for sbi internet banking services, the bank will provide you a unique User ID and Password. As per the instructions, you must have changed the default Password and User ID.

What if you have lost the User ID or Password? You can’t log in to the account using any other User ID or Password. If you have lost it, you need not get worried. You can recover the Username, Reset Login and, Profile Passwords following few simple steps.

Recover forgotten Online SBI Username

Step 1: Visit the official page for online banking of SBI and open the login page. Click on Forgot Username link to get Back Username.

forgot username online sbi

Step 2:  You will get directed to a new page where you need to enter the CIF number in the provided box and select your country. The next step is to enter other credentials like Registered Mobile Number and enter the text as shown in the image. Click on Submit button.

recover onlinesbi username

Important Note: You can get your CIF number from the passbook or account statement.

Step 3: On your registered mobile number you will receive an OTP which you need to enter in the provided box and click on Confirm button. You will receive the Username on your registered mobile number as well as the Username will also get displayed on the screen.

Reset Forgotten Online SBI Login Password

Step 1: Visit the official site for SBI’s Online Banking and Click on Forgot Login Password link.

forgot login password onlinesbi

Step 2: To proceed further, click on Next.

forgot login password in sbi

Step 3: Enter the required credentials like Username, account number, Mobile number, Date of Birth, and enter the text as shown in the image. Click on Submit.

sbi password reset form

Step 4: You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number which you need to enter in the box provided for OTP.
Click on Confirm button.

otp sbi

Step 5: The screen will display three options to reset the login password, i.e., Using ATM Card Details, Using Profile Password and Without ATM Card and Profile Password. Select one of the options and click on ‘Submit‘ button.

Case 1: If you select Using ATM Card Details, make sure to keep the ATM card near you as you have to enter the ATM card details to reset the Login password. You need to enter the credentials like Card Number, Validity Period, Card Holder’s Name and ATM Pin in the provided boxes and click on submit.

reset password atm

You will get directed to a new page where you need to reset the New Login Password and click on Submit.

Case 2: If you select Using Profile Password option, you need to enter the profile password and click on Submit to proceed. You need to reset the new Login Password and click on submit. After you reset the Login password successfully, the screen will display a message showing ‘Your Password has reset successfully‘.

profile password sbi

Case 3: If you select Without ATM Card and Profile Password, you will get two options, i.e., Reset your Login Password at the branch and Receive New login Password by post. Select one of the convenient options and click on Submit.

password by branch or post

You will receive the new password via post, or you can collect the same from the branch.

Reset Online SBI Forgotten Profile Password

Step 1: If you have lost the Profile Password, you can reset it easily! Log in to the account using the Username and Password. Select My Accounts & Profile tab featured on the left side. You need to select Profile option from the pop-down menu.

profile sbi

Step 2: The screen will display multiple options, and you need to select Change Passwords option.

forgot profile password sbi

Step 3: Select Forgot Profile Password link, and you will get directed to a new screen. You need to select the Hint Question while creating profile password and provide the Hint Answer as given during setting the password and click on Submit.

hint question sbi

Step 4: You will get directed to the Set Profile Password page where you can reset the new profile password. For future reference, you need to select the Hint Question and Hint Answer. Click on Submit button.

confirm profile password sbi

The screen will display the message Your profile password has been reset successfully. To get back Username, Reset Login & Profile Password, you need not visit the branch. You can get it done online.


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