How To File Complaint in Bank Of Baroda Online

The Bank of Baroda is a commercial nationalized bank with its headquarter located in Vadodara, Gujarat, and spread across multiple states with a total of 5481 branches as per the 2007 reports.

This bank aims towards providing services to the common mass as per the Government protocols. However, with its so many active customer bases, a customer may face some sort of issues while doing different types of transactions.

It is to be noted here that the bank provides a very detailed customer complaint zone and in different ways, a problem can be resolved within a very short time. You can file a complaint with the Bank of Baroda online.

With the advent of technology, every bank provides online complaint registration processes which are discussed in detail below. Follow below to register a complaint in Bank Of Baroda Online.

Step 1: You can Book your complaint through the portal of grievance redress, by clicking on the Online Complaint Management System

you will get an option for ‘Submit Complaint‘ and Click on that link to proceed further.

submit complaint bob online

Step 2: First choose customer type and then enter the account number as mentioned in your bank passbook. Next, choose a suitable complaint related and its description option. Click the ‘next‘ button.

file complaint in Bank of Baroda online

Step 3: In the next page, enter your name,  mobile number, email, and a brief description of your complaint. Click the ‘Submit‘ button after entering the captcha code shown in the image.

 complaint description in bank of baroda online

Step 4: Once done, a ‘Unique Tracker Id‘ will be allotted to you which should be kept safely for other future interactions with the bank. You can check the status of your complaint online by using this tracker id in the future.

tracker id for bank of Baroda online complaint

Important Note: Also, in case of emergency complaints such as anything related to your ATM Pin or blocking your card, instead of opting for the Online Complaint Management System, calling the Customer Care number is advised. Dialing this number will help you instantly solve your issues thus assuring the safety of your money.

However, if your complaint is not yet resolved, the complaint can be further escalated to the Regional Level and then to the Zonal Level, and finally to the Principal Nodal Officer respectively. In every level, you will have to pursue with the help of the ‘Unique Tracker Id‘ that has been allotted to you during your initial complaint.

Note: While there are numerous ways to register a complaint online, visiting your bank branch and discussing your problem with the Branch Manager may help you solve your query in a much faster way. Hence, decide accordingly and ensure a happy transaction with your bank!


  1. my A/c in meshana urban bank and wrong beneficiary select of BOB account holder NEFT on dtd.27/07/2023 but this account is now block by bob since long due to defaulter. so pls guide me recollect my money

  2. I had issued a cheque of Rs 4 lacs and return by BOB due to no information received from BOB branch. The same amount is debited and credited in my account against this cheque. Branch officer told me that it was happened at clearing house. Positive pay is starting from Rs 5 lacs as per RBI guidelines. It seems BOB is not following RBI guidelines. What’s about compliances?

  3. I am Madhukar Dashputre from Vadodara. My Saving Account is in Raopura Branch Vadodara.
    I tried to withdraw on 17/03/2023 from ATM ID 00324o74/CREF. 310711028928. I wanted to withdraw Rs.2500/- after completing all necessary formalities the ATM Screen flashed in process, however, a message flashed TIME OUT collect your Card. The amount I wanted to withdraw was not dispensed, but my account showed the amount has been debited from my account the message received says in Case your account is debited but cash is not dispensed from ATM the Transaction will be automatically reversed within 48 Hours, but no response.
    Personally visited the Branch where I am asked to lodge a complaint through Toll Free No 18005700, again I am not convergent with this information required, hence submitted Hand Written Complain letter to Branch. Now have to wait for a message stating Complaint no.
    I am a senior citizen of 83 years and am not able to frequent visits to Branch.
    Kindly look into this and request that Justice will be meted out to me. The funds earned are through sweat and shredding blood, the Government makes tall claims to support Senior Citizens,

  4. I am a customer of BOB bank, 14-11-2022 my husband sent money to my USA PNC bank account but instead of a PNC bank account he has given a Bank of America IFSC code immediately I went to Bank of America they said this type of account number does not exist in their bank your money will refund to the depositor bank but still no response.

  5. I am BOB customer since 1975 at the BOB branch at Sardar Patel Colony branch in Ahmedabad and I am NRI. Due to very poor customer service finally decided to move my account at another BOB location which is away from my residence. So I went and talked to branch manager expecting he will ask “Why “ or “ how he can help “ to prevent from moving my account. I am with this location 40+ years and not a single word from branch manager. Is this kind of customer service one can expect from train office manager? I also complain about blocking branch entrance with scooters and the same- no reply.
    BOB you need good capable branch manager!

  6. Dir sir mere account may belence hone ke baad bhi emi kaa baunc charge laga diya hai bajaj fainance vale ne jo paisa kata hua paise mujhe refund kiya hai tyo bank bale ne 590 590 baunch charg lagaya hai vo mujhe refund kijiye pilese rqvest karte hai sir

  7. I have sent money phonepe or patym farud Kiya hai complain Kiya me ne pelis refund kardo ????????????????????????????????????

  8. Bank of Baroda se mera anurodh hai ki mere account se transaction kar di gai hai ya FIR paise kat diye gaye hain kripya karke mujhe is chij ki jankari di jaaye

  9. सेवा में
    श्रीमान सीनियर बैंक अधिकारी बैंक ऑफ़ बड़ोदा
    विषय ; बैंक में परेशानी कम करने हेतु प्रार्थना पत्र
    महोदय जी
    निवेदन यह हे कि आप कि शाखा का नाम बैंक ऑफ़ बड़ोदा टी सी एल बबराला के नाम से है I यहां पर बहुत बड़ी समस्या यह हैं कि यहां के सीनियर स्टॉप किसी कि नहीं सुनते हैं I किसी समस्या का समाधान नहीं करते और एक दूसरे के ऊपर टालते रहते हैं I कभी एटीएम में पैसा नहीं होता है कभी कनेक्टिविटी कि समस्या होती हैं कभी बैंक कि छुट्टी होती है कभी प्रिंटर खराब होता है और ऊपर से कोई सुनता नहीं है I कभी बैंक में पैसा नहीं होता है I यह सब समस्या आपके सीनियर स्टाप कि बजह से हो रही है I
    अगर यह चाहे तो कोई भी समस्या पैदा नहीं होगी इसकी बजह से लोग HDFC कि चंदौसी शाखा में अपनी सेलरी का A/C खुल्बा रहे है I
    अतः श्रीमान जी से अनुरोध हैं कि समस्या के निवारण हेतु कुछ ठोस कदम उठाने कि किरपा करें I
    आप कि महान कृपा होगी I

  10. maine c/a acount khulaya taha to after 20 days account active hua or payment same day lene ke baad than ab internet banking ka apply kiye 2month ho gaye hai koi response nahi karta branch me my account number 47240200000185 bob fun city branch Bareilly very poor services specially this branch and koi phone bhi pick nahi kar raha hai last week se

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