How to Track SBI UTR Number Status Online

UTR is the abbreviation form of Unique Transaction Reference number. it is generated in RTGS (real-time gross settlement), NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and UPI (Unified Payments Interface system) for uniquely identifying any transaction. The UTR format is predefined and is generated by the bank, which is initiating the transaction. The details about the Unique Transaction Reference number (UTR) are explained below.

This reference number identifies every particular transaction. Every UTR is unique to a transaction. That is why this number is utilized to track the transaction status.

As per the RBI norms, UTR numbers are of 16 digit codes. It consists of only the numeric code or alphabetic and numeric code. It depends upon the bank itself. There is no fixed format of the UTR.

The arrangement is:


Here, XXXX is the Bank code. For example, SBI’s bank code is SBIN.

YY: Two-digit year, i.e., 12 for 2012.

DDD: Julian date, i.e., 032 for Feb 1.

999999: 6 digit succession numbers.

Anybody can track-back the RTGS exchange utilizing the UTR number.

Essentiality of UTR Number

Sometimes, while doing a financial transaction between the two bank accounts, the customer may be held up due to some technical issue and do not get any confirmation message. Then how can someone track the status of the particular transaction?

Here is the need for the UTR number. Banks, including SBI, generate UTR for all types of financial transactions in any form, i.e., through the RTGS, NEFT, or UPI. The UTR is an essential part of any transaction than the other details. It simplifies the tracking process of any transaction.

How to Track SBI UTR Status Online

Step 1: To track the SBI transaction’s UTI status online, please visit the SBI Net Banking. Put your SBI Banking ID and password to access your account online. Don’t share your password with anyone.

online sbi login new

Step 2: Tap on the Request and Enquiries button and click more button.

request and enquiries tab in sbi

Step 3: Next click the option ‘Status Enquiry’.

status enquiry in state bank of india

Step 4: Then, select a date range for a particular transaction.

date range for status enquiry

Step 5: Now you will get a list of transactions. Click on ‘click here‘ in front of the reference number.

reference number in sbi


Step 6: On the next page, Then you will get the UTR number as well as the status of your NEFT or RTGS transaction easily.

unt number status in sbi

Check UTR Number Using an account Statement

Visit the SBI bank website along with your customer ID and password and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, open your account statement.
  • Then, you will be able to see the date-wise transaction history of your account.
  • If you want to get the UTR for a particular transaction, just click on the transaction details.
  • As soon as you click, you will see a window appear containing information of that transaction, including the Transaction ID. This Transaction ID is the UTR number.
    Thus, with the UTR, you may follow up on the status of your transaction. An NEFT UTR number is shown in the picture below:

check utr number in account statement

If it is not feasible, you can call the SBI customer care number 1800112211, 18004253800, or 080-26599990. Then give the respective person the UTR number. He or she will provide you with the updated status. Or you can visit the bank branch by yourself and follow the same procedure.

Services Number
Toll-Free Number 1800112211
Email [email protected]
NEFT & RTGS Timing 24*7

Sometimes people are confused with the UTR term. But just keep in mind that terms like Order ID, Transaction ID, the Transaction number, and UPI Reference ID are also sometimes used in place of the UTR.


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