How to Open e-PAN Card Download PDF Password?

The Permanent Account Number(PAN) is a 10-digit unique alphanumeric number for taxpayers in the country. The Income Tax Department issued this Pan system for the Indians who are in a tax pay role. The Tax department keeps records of the individual taxpayer’s transactions related to tax and other information against their single PAN number. Thus, it requires linking their tax-related work with the tax department to maintain the records.

This unique identification number is a computer-based system controlled by the Indian Tax Department. The PAN acts as the primary key in terms of restoring information. The information such as income tax payments, the credits of tax collected at source(TCS)/ tax deducted at source(TDS), and return on investment or wealth.

What is Pan Card?

The PAN card is one such identification document that needs to be in everyone’s file. The Tax department issued an individual physical card for every Indian citizen as a PAN card. The PAN card includes the holder’s photo, date of birth, address, name, and PAN number. The PAN card number is alphanumeric, which means the alphabet and number go hand in hand. People use this card as identity proof and give a copy of it to take the privileges of any administrative benefits and services.

People need to submit Aadhaar Card or Voter Card to have PAN cards. Its importance counts in people’s money transaction tracking in the inflow or outflow. Besides, it is also necessary to possess to avoid the hassle of overcharging the tax. The tax rate differs with the rate of interest on an individual’s income annually, and when it exceeds 10000 without having a link with the bank account, the bank charges 30% of tax instead of 10% as TDS.

How to Open E-PAN Card Download PDF Password?

People can apply for a new PAN card without facing any trouble going to the government office for it. Instead, they can browse through the internet, searching for e-PAN downloads. The e-PAN card is as valuable as the original PAN card when accessing facilities in whatever place in India. While downloading the e-PAN card, an individual’s email id is mandatory to store the PAN card PDF file.

PAN Card Download PDF Password

However, PDFs are always going to be password protected to keep them safe and secure, and people need to know how they can open the password-protected PDF. The e-PAN card PDF password is the individual’s date of birth that needs to be written in a numeric language, if someone’s birth date is 4th June 1994, then it would be 04061994. The password people have to put in while opening the e-PAN card PDF file needs to be like this only.

Pan Card PDF Password Example:

Date Of Birth PAN Card PDF Password
11/12/1999 11121999
12/01/2000 12012000
02/05/1980 02051980
1/12/2001 01122001
5/5/1945 05051945
15/5/1920 15051920

How to Download e-PAN card PDF File?

As it says earlier, people can browse the internet for the PAN card to avoid hassling by going to the administration office, and it will show two websites to download the PDF file. One is NSDL, and another is UTI, where people will find their legit e-PAN service. Here, the topic is how people can download their e-PAN cards that they can use just like the physical PAN card. Take a look at the following steps given.

Step 1: Search for e-PAN card download in the search box to get the options of NSDL and UTI. The Indian government made it easy for people to get their PAN cards. Where at first, it took time at least one or one and a half months to get the original one, now it takes only a few minutes.

Step 2: Click on the website through which an individual got their first-time PAN card. The NSDL website is not a government-owned company, but the UTI website is a government company established in 1993. Despite not being a Government-owned company, NSDL India is a private but professionally managed company validated by the Government of India. It was developed and introduced by the Nation Stock Exchange Ltd (NSE) in 1996.

Step 3: The UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL) website will show the landing page of the PAN Service Portal. Inside the UTIITSL website, with a little scroll down, people will find an option to Download an e-PAN with all other options. This option will lead to the downloading page for the e-PAN card PDF. Here a person must remember his/her PAN number or have a photocopy of the PAN Card.

Step 4: This will redirect to a page that will show up with the required fields. A person must fill up the spaces, especially the mandatory blank ones. The PAN number and the date of birth at the beginning. The date of birth needs to be filled with month and year only, as it shows. And any person who has a business with generated GSTIN can put the GSTIN number accordingly. Though it’s not a mandatory field.

Step 5: Put the captcha as will be given in the proper place. The captcha fill-up needs to be done first. This page contains some important instructions on the right-hand side. People should read it carefully to get the concept of the e-PAN download. Here, to download the e-PAN card, people need to pay a minimum amount of 8.26/-. And after that, click on the submit button below. It will lead to the page with the OTP version of getting PAN.

Step 6: On this page, a person will find personal data like mail id, phone number, and PAN number. Here, the person needs to select the medium they want to get the OTP suggested below. Again fill up the provided captcha below, and click on the terms and conditions apply section. Then click on the submit button.

Step 7: On the next page, the person has to put the OTP in the required place. The OTP will be in six digits and sent to the convenient medium as selected. After that, click on the submit button. The next page will appear with the payment procedure page. Here, the downloading procedure will take a minimum amount of 8.26 rs to pay through the mentioned options. Once the payment will be done, the UTIITSL company will send the e-PAN PDF to the given mail id.

This procedure is not that lengthy or strenuous. The person only has to have the PAN number remembered.


The Pan Card PDF downloading and viewing is as simple as mobile scrolling. The UTIITSL will send a link to the PDF to the mail id to make the procedure easy. People can click on the given link to get the PDF and to view an individual needs to put the date of birth like 04061994. We hope this article will be helpful to everyone who is searching for a method to open PAN Card password-protected file.


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