3 Ways To Close Your Saving Account in Bank of America

A few years back, you could usually observe that once someone opened a Savings Bank Account, he/she rarely needed to close it. Rather, those accounts remain open with the same bank for many years without even thinking of its closure.

But in the recent advanced technological era, as more and more banks have started functioning through an online platform, providing customer-friendly and convenient banking services and fantastic facilities for competitive and affordable fees, hardly anyone needs to close his/her bank account in normal circumstances.

Having an account with one of the big banks, like Bank of America, can be very satisfying. But, sometimes, doing business with these banks may be expensive, or you may have to face other issues. Also, you may find it challenging to resolve some problems without paying a physical visit to the bank branch officials. And you are often compelled to kill your valuable time and energy in pursuit.

If you have a Savings Bank Account with Bank of America, then you should know the process to close your saving account in Bank of America. Let us find out some of the methods below.

Close Your Bank of America Savings Account

Suppose you have a Savings Bank Account with Bank of America, and for some reason, you are no longer interested in being its customer and are strongly determined to close your bank account. But, at the same time, you still feel perplexed, nervous, and doubtful, and it’s getting difficult to understand in closing your account in Bank of America.

In such a case, you should feel comfortable, relaxed, calm, and easy in this regard. Because fortunately, you are reading an excellent article to fulfill your needs, where you are going to learn correct and relevant information ahead.

Just keep reading this post and stay tuned with us till the end of this post. Rest assured, you will definitely get essential facts and complete information to fix your problem and quench your queries.

Close Your Saving Account in Bank of America

While closing a long-served savings bank account with any bank can be troublesome, and you may need help finding it. However, this is not the case with the Bank of America. If you are an account holder with this bank, you can follow these below-written simple and easy instructions to learn the needful and close your savings bank account in some quick steps.

You should know that there are three methods to close your BOA Savings Bank Account. So you can follow any of these three methods: “In person,” “Over call,” or “Through the mail,” depending on your preferences, needs, and requirements. Let’s check how.

1. Visit Financial Center Near you

Firstly, you can visit Bank of America physically at a financial center near you and make an appointment with the bank’s officials. You can schedule a meeting time as may be convenient for you.

2. By Calling Customer Service

Secondly, you can call the Bank Of America’s customer service team anytime at 800.432.1000, and please make sure that you correctly tell them about your Savings Bank Account number on the phone call.

3. Through Mail

Thirdly, you can also request in writing to close your Savings Bank Account and send your request to the Bank Of America’s mailing address.

Similarly, you can close your credit card and IRA or CD account using the below information.

Services Contact
Checking/Saving account Closing Number 800.432.1000
Mailing Address For Closing Checking/Saving account Bank of America
PO Box 25118
Tampa, FL 33622-5118Overnight delivery:
Bank of America
National Service and Solutions
4909 Savarese Circle
Tampa, FL 33634-2413
Credit Card Account Closing Number 800-732-9194
Mailing Address For Closing Credit Card account Bank of America
P.O. Box 982234
El Paso, TX 79998-2234
IRA or CD Account Closing Number 888-827-1812

You must note that while mailing your request, you should take care of a few things, such as:

  • Your name, mailing address, and account number on the account closing request letter are written correctly.
  • If the Savings Bank Account, which is required to be closed, has more than one account holder, then make sure that all the account owners put their signatures perfectly matched with that of as per their bank records.
  • If you have an amount left after closing your Savings Account, then you should let the bank’s officials know if you’d like the balance amount to be transferred to another Savings Bank Account with the Bank of America or if you want it to be sent to your mailing address in the form of a cashier’s check.
  • You should know that in case your balance amount after closing your Savings Bank Account exceeds USD 25,000, then you will essentially have to approach a notary to notarize your account closing request letter.

So this way, you have quickly learned the complete process to close your saving account in Bank of America.


As promised, we have already provided you with comprehensive, simple, easy-to-learn, and needful guidance for closing your BOA account. Now, hopefully, you must have learned all the top 3 methods to know perfect knowledge and the most accessible and straightforward ways to close an account in Bank of America.

You should also know that you cannot close your Savings Bank Account with the Bank of America online.

However, suppose you are fond of doing everything from home. In such a case, you should consider this key factor before opening an account with Bank of America. And instead of going with Bank Of America, you should think about an alternative where opening your account online is possible.

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