How To Write Request Letter For Bank Statement

Such a document is known as a bank statement, in which you can see the history of your bank account transactions. A few years ago, banks used to provide physical printouts of bank account statements on paper to their customers. But, in recent years, most people have been using online banking to view and download their bank statements for a specific duration.

Most banks usually send bank statements directly to their account holders via their registered email addresses every month. Apart from that, bank customers can also receive their monthly bank account statements from the bank branch.

But, sometimes, the customers need the hardcopy (physical form) of the bank statement for a specific period other than that one month for official purposes. In such a case, they have to write a request letter to their bank branch manager for issuing a bank statement.

This article provides you with more details about the benefits and importance of a bank statement, and it carefully explains the most manageable format for writing a request letter for issuing a bank statement. Let’s proceed to check.

Benefits And Importance Of A Bank Statement

A bank statement is a short summary of all the transactions made by the account holder during a specified period. While it helps you track the history of past transactions during a specific time, the following are its main benefits and importance, such as:

  • Usually, a bank account holder requires a bank statement for some personal financial needs, such as for the verification of his/her bank account, checking account balance, applying for a bank loan, when facing problems in transaction management, filing Income Tax Return (ITR), seeking for a VISA, auditing purposes in business and so on.
  • It includes all the transactions such as withdrawal or deposit of money, showing account balance, interest credited, and amount debited for any services, etc.
  • With the help of a bank statement, bank account holders can keep track of their income and expenses.

How To Write Request Application For Bank Statement

If you need a bank statement for some reason, then first of all, you will have to decide for what time period you need the bank statement. For example, you will have to determine that you need it for the last three months, for the last six months, or for the last year, etc. Then you will have to write a request letter to the bank branch manager to issue the required bank statement and submit it to the concerned bank officials.

Request Letter For Bank Statement format

You can quickly write the required application letter by following the below-mentioned format of the request letter for issuing a bank statement, such as:


The Branch Manager,
xxx Bank (write the name of your bank),
xxx Branch ( write the location of your bank branch),
Name of the City/Town.

Subject: Request Letter For Issuing A Bank Statement

With Reference To: (write your bank account number)

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I (write your name) humbly submit and beg to state that I have been a savings bank account holder in your branch for the last five years. My bank account number is – XXXX (write your bank account number). I want to file my Income Tax Return (ITR) for the last year. Therefore, I need a bank account statement, for example, from 01/04/2022 to 31/03/ 2023. Kindly arrange to issue the required bank statement as soon as possible.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,
Name – (write your name)
Signature – (scribble your Signature)
Address – (write your mailing address)
Mobile Number – (write your contact phone number)
Date: dd/mm/yy format

That’s all in this article. So with the help of the above-described format, you can quickly understand the process of writing a request letter for issuing a bank statement in any bank in India.

The Bottom Line

By writing this article, we have tried to provide you with complete information and the simplest way of guidance on how you can write a request letter for a bank account statement. Now you can quickly write an application to the concerned branch and get your bank statement right away. We have also provided the detailed benefits and importance of a bank statement, so you know its other uses as well.

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