How to Union Bank of India NPCI Link Online

A government effort called Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) allows Indian citizens below a certain income level to benefit from government programmes directly. To get these government benefits, you must have an NPCI bank account link or a relationship between your bank and DBT. One major importance of NPCI bank linking is that you don’t need to contact any middle-man, there is zero waste of time and no scope for intermediate commission.

Regarding the bank and NPCI connections, there has long been a great deal of misunderstanding. The more doubts you have, the more delay will happen. The more wrong information you have, the less you’ll benefit from government policies.

If you’re a customer of Union Bank of India and didn’t know about these processes till now, the instructions in this article are going to help you throughout. It’s just a process of a few minutes and can be done from your home. Just make sure you have all your bank documents and government ID proofs ready, and you’re good to go.

Steps to Check Union Bank NPCI linking Status

Before proceeding with the NPCI linking with Union Bank of India, you need to check the current status of that particular bank account. Your Aadhaar might be already linked to this account or any other bank account. In this case, you don’t have to proceed further. According to the regulations, one person is allowed to link NPCI with a single bank account.

Here’s the guide to check the NPCI DBT linking status.

Step 1. Go to any browser or open the Google search engine on your mobile or computer and search ‘UIDAI‘. Click on the first link that appears on the screen:

If you’re using a mobile phone, then click on the three dots (⋮) from the top right corner of your screen. Scroll down a little and check the box beside ‘Desktop Site‘. Choose a preferred language to continue and then click on the ‘Welcome‘ button, if appears.

aadhar ser

On the next screen, scroll down a little and click on the Aadhar Services Option.

Step 2. Again, scroll down to the next screen to get the ‘Aadhaar Linking Status‘ and navigate to ‘Bank Seeding Status‘ and click on it.

aadhar linking status

Step 3. Enter your Aadhar number and captcha code. Now Click on the ‘Send OTP‘ button.

aadhar linking npci status

Step 4. A one time password(OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on the Submit button.
enter otp to check aadhar npci link status
Step 5. If your bank account is already linked to NPCI, all the detailslike  bank name, bank account number, last updated date and bank seeding status (Active) will be displayed on screen.

aadhar bank mapping status

Steps to Union Bank of India NPCI Link Online

Step 1. Open any browser on your mobile or computer or go to Google search engine and type ‘Union bank npci link‘. Click on the first link that appears on the screen:

If you’re using a mobile, then click on the three dots (⋮) from the top right corner of your screen. Scroll down a little and check the box beside ‘Desktop Site‘.

Step 2. Enter your bank account number. It should be a 15-digit number. Re-enter the same number for confirmation in the second field. Enter your name as per the bank details. You can find it on your bank passbook, next to bank account number.

Next, fill in your Aadhaar number. It should be a 12-digit number. Re-enter your Aadhaar number for confirmation.

Union Bank of India NPCI Link Online

Enter your name mentioned in the Aadhaar card. The name on your Aadhaar might differ from the name on your bank account (Spelling, missing middle name, etc.). Don’t modify anything and mention exactly what is present on your Aadhaar.

Enter your mobile number in the next field, followed by your email address. All the fields are mandatory and if you skip any of them, the form won’t get submitted. Click on the ‘Submit‘ button.

submit union bank npci link

A success message will be displyed in next screen your Union Bank Account Number and Aadhar nuber submitted sucessfully. It will confirm that your Union bank account NPCI DBT link is completed.


Union bank users can only link NPCI DBT with this bank account if they haven’t already linked their Aadhaar with any other account. To avail of all the government benefits under the Direct Benefit Scheme this procedure is mandatory. Also, make sure you use any secure browser while linking your bank account online.

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