How to Get BOB Customer ID By SMS

A customer identification number is one of the most important details to keep the bank account functioning. This is a unique number provided to every customer of the bank. You’ll have a customer ID whether you have savings or a current account. Sometimes, it can also be referred to as a user ID.

While this ID is available on your bank documents like your passbook, there can be an emergency where you need the ID and don’t have those documents. There is nothing to panic about. All you need is your mobile phone. Ensure that the registered number with your bank account is active on that phone. Also, you need to have a valid mobile plan for outgoing SMS. Then, it’s just a matter of a minute.

Steps to get Bank of Baroda Customer ID by SMS

Open the message box on your mobile and navigate to the ‘To‘ or ‘Receipeint‘ section from the top section of the screen. Enter the bank helpline number: 8422009988.

Navigate to the message body section and type ‘CUST‘. Click on the send button. Make sure you use your registered mobile number to send the SMS

Get BOB Customer ID By SMS

Within a few minutes, a message will be sent from the bank. Ideality, the sender is JK-BOBSMS. It will mention a CIF number, which would be your customer ID for the Bank of Baroda account. You will also find your name with the CIF number. That’s how you can cross-verify that the right customer ID is sent to you.

As this is a unique identification number, don’t share it randomly with anyone.


Using this customer ID, it is easier to log in for net banking on mobile or computer. If you are unable to get any reply from Bank of Baroda within a few minutes (not more than 5), then check if you’re using the right number to send the message. Also, check whether the current mobile plan is valid for incoming and outgoing text messages.

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