Open e-Aadhaar PDF Password
Aadhaar Card

How To Open e-Aadhaar PDF Password?

Do you have an Aadhaar card? If not yet, then get yourself one now! The Aadhaar card has been used as one of the identification proofs since the year 2010. Ever since the introduction of […]

confirm name change in aadhar card online
Aadhaar Card

How to Change Name in Aadhar Card Online

Unique Identification Authority of India issues Aadhar Card to every Indian. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to apply for Aadhar card. UIDAI provides a unique 12 digits Aadhar number. The card contains individual details like […]

urn number example
Aadhaar Card

What is URN number in Aadhar Card Status?

Do you have an Aadhar Card? The Aadhar Card contains a 12 digit unique number issued by the Indian Government after UIDAI collects biometrics and demographic details including the photo of the Indian citizen. Sometimes, […]

srn number in aadhaar card
Aadhaar Card

What is SRN Number in Aadhaar Card?

Did you update the Aadhar details online? Indian Government provides the Indian citizens a unique set of numbers that gets printed on Aadhar Card. Aadhar card widely gets accepted as an identification proof, and recently […]