Best 4 Ways to Send Money to Nepal from India

Living in India and want to send money to someone living in Nepal? Oh! So you think that one just cannot send money from India to Nepal? Well, you are wrong here. This is possible to send money from India to Nepal, and this article will explain you how to do so. Here is four easy methods to transfer money from Indian Banks to banks in Nepal.

PNB India to Everest Bank Nepal.

Let’s not waste our time on any complex method and start with the best one. The best way to send money from India to Nepal is by sending it via PNB India. Punjab National Bank has joint venture in Everest Bank Limited (EBL) since a long time. EBL’s account type that is in PNB New Delhi, is ‘Current‘ with account number being 2254002100011923.send money to nepal

You need to deposit money in this bank account in order to send money from India to Nepal. The best thing is that in order to deposit money, you don’t need to look for big branches of PNB. You can do it from any small branch as well.

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It may be possible that the employees at small branch might not be familiar with this service. Aware them with proper respect. So, once you deposit this amount, the intended recipient can only receive it if he/she has account in EBL in Nepal.

Since PNB has got a well designed system, so you have nothing to do with EBL in Nepal. Your task only lies within the PNB Bank. For example, if you want to send some money say 10,000 INR, then just go to PNB branch, either small or big, and deposit this money in aforementioned account number.

While depositing the money, just tell the PNB guys that this money must be sent to account no. XXX…. and account holder XXX…. (variables in both cases must be replaced by intended recipient’s EBL bank account number and name).

After doing so, rest work is of PNB Bank. Your money will get deposited to EBL’s current account 2254002100011923. Then, from there, it will be sent to intended recipient’s EBL account.

In this way, your money will get transferred from India to Nepal with minimal efforts from you. The intended recipient will get money in maximum of 4-5 days, but keep in mind that in case of big amount, transfer may take longer time.

SBI India to SBI Nepal

Another way of sending money from India to Nepal is through SBI India to SBI Nepal. You can send money from any NEFT-enabled branch in India. If you have an account in branch of SBI India, then the task is very simple for you, as you need not to carry any documents with you. But, if you don’t have account in bank branch in India, then you will have to carry the documents for proof of identification.

You also need to provide the beneficiary’s complete address of Nepal along with telephone/mobile number. Even the receiver don’t need to have account in Nepal SBI, as in this case, money is handed over to him/her in cash through authorised money transfer company (Prabhu Money Transfer).

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Talking about the charges to send money from India to Nepal via this method, there is transaction fee of Rs. 20 for the amount of up to 5,000. Note that this charge is when the beneficiary has account in Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (NSBL).

If it is not the case, then there is additional charge of Rs. 50 for the amount of up to Rs. 5,000. The charge is more depending on the amount. Well, only the remitter gets charged, not the beneficiary. The recipient receives the full amount that remitter sends excluding service charge.  You can get detailed info about the transaction charges by heading over to this link.

Use SBI ATM in Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (NSBL)

Get a saving account at SBI branch in India. Get ATM card and send it to the person whomever you want to send the money from India to Nepal. Once he/she gets it, then you need not to go through the transaction process again and again, as that person living in Nepal him/herself can withdraw money using SBI ATM in Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.’s ATM.

Use PNB ATM in Everest Bank Ltd. (EBL)

If you often need to send money from India to Nepal, then better opt for this method, as it easy and pain free method. Send ATM card of PNB to intended recipient in any way such as courier, personally etc. The PNB ATM can be used in EBL’s ATM network in Nepal. You will be charged Rs. 50 by PNB for withdrawing cash using your PNB ATM in EBL’s ATM network. The charge for balance enquiry is Rs. 15.

49 Comments on Best 4 Ways to Send Money to Nepal from India

    • No, sbi Nepal doesn’t have IFSC codes(they have SWIFT codes) so its not possible to transfer via NEFT/RTGS but it can be transferred via SWIFT code(only big branches have SWIFT code in India.


    • Sher bahadur Please call sbi toll free number “1800 11 2211”, they will guide you step by step. Otherwise, visit main branch of state bank of India from your area. You can send money directly from main sbi branch without any hassle.

  2. Ramesh its easy buddy. Just you have to add beneficiary. To add beneficiary, you need to enter receiver full name, account number, IFSC code etc. After beneficiary approval, you can use neft to transfer money from Indian SBI to nepal SBI.

    • But, earlier you commented that Nepal SBI bank doesn’t have IFSC code then how can you send through Internet banking.

      Brother, I have saving account in INDIA SBI and want to send money to NEPAL SBI account. can you please help me out what the process. I enquired many NRI branches here in INDIA but they didn’t know properly. Please help me, do i need first to deposit cash in my account/ or though cash/ or by cheque? to send it.
      Note: Even i have SBI ATM card in INDIA, is it possible to transfer money direct to NEPAL SBI account Just like i transfer to money to another SBI account?


      • Just you have to visit big branch of sbi in India. It can be transferred because i did many times. But through net banking, i don’t know it is possible or not. I have account in both sbi and nepal sbi bank, I will right article on it, if it is possible.

  3. If in case I want to send money from Nepal to India on regular basis 2-3 lakhs per month. What is the best option? process? what will be the applicable charges?
    I see bank exchange rate is fixed at 100 INR = 160 NPR, is it also fixed for this kind of remittance?

    Note: I am ready to open bank account in any of bank in Nepal and India.

  4. I want to send 1-2 lakhs Rs every month from Nepal to India. Both places I can open account in any bank. What option would be best?

    • Try to send money from Nepal sbi to Indian sbi banks. First confirm that how much money you can send from Nepali banks to Indian banks yearly or monthly.

  5. very Helpful post ! but i have a question , I’m from Nepal , living in new delhi , i have sbi bank a/c here and using Net banking as well , so can i send money to Nepal sbi bank through the net banking ,if yes , than how, i tried already they keep asking me Neft code of bank , but i guess Nepal sbi bank dsnt have neft code they only have SWIFT code.

  6. How did you add beneficiary for sbi bank limited? I think will ask you to add IFS or location while adding new beneficiary.

  7. I already have sbi india account. & I have also state bank freedom ( net banking) & its in active. can I send money in sbi nepal bank from net banking?? or can it send from sbi india ( any branch) to sbi nepal?? please tell me in detail, I will be thankful.

    • 1. Sorry for replying late… You can send money from any big sbi branch to nepal sbi
      2. I have also created an account and net banking in nepal sbi… I will update the money transfer process soon.

  8. i want to send money India to nepal but i don’t have nepal sbi account but i have Indian sbi account, it is possible to send money India to Nepal.

  9. In Bangalore, there is a nice system. There is some bank on M G Road names IMA or IME. You go there & pay money to them & ask them to send to a contact person in Nepal. Same day money is transferred to Nepal & this contact person hands over the amount to your relatives. I was told if you send 20K, it is received as 32K in Nepal. As many ppl in Nepal, mostly viligers, do not have access to Bank, this is a good method for them. Do you know if this is legal or illegal ?

    • Yes this system is legal IME is a remittence company just like western union money transfer & the best part is the reciver doesn’t need a account in the bank they just have to carry his/her id proofs & go to any ime branch and collect the money

  10. Now I am new from Odisa sonepur. I want to send money from here to my family at Nepal. So please give me some idea!

    • Under the “Indo-Nepal Remittance” Scheme launched by Reserve Bank of India, you can transfer funds from India to Nepal and vice versa using NEFT feature under your net banking portal. But for sending money to Dubai you need to use other alternatives..

  11. I want to transfer money from nepal to india so how can I do that can I do netbanking to transfer money from nepal to India

    • Under the “Indo-Nepal Remittance” Scheme launched by Reserve Bank of India, you can transfer funds from India to Nepal and vice versa using NEFT feature under your net banking portal.

  12. i would like to send 2 lakh ruppes should i required same sbi account or other bank account is also work . if i dont have ifsc code of nepal then how can i add beneficial account kindly revert for the same thnkss kamal

  13. I am from New Delhi. I want to send money from Delhi to my family at Nepal. So please give me some idea!,Mob:+919718117103
    John Khadka
    Sagarpur New Delhi

  14. How long its will take to get money in Indian sbi from Nepal sbi is it possible in one hour and that is also on sunday???

  15. can i withdraw money in nepal with my sbi debit card if yes then do i need visa international debit card to withdraw money or sbi classic domestic debit cARD is also accepted there at nepal sbi branches??

      • thanks brothers for kind info but i visited my branch they said u cannt use domestic debit card in nepal sbi u can only use international debit cARD but i have domestic classic debit card

          • Hello there, I have SBI International debit and shopping card. As you have said, such card can be used to withdraw money from NepalSBI ATM but Customer care representative said SBI atm card cannot be used in Nepal.If its working, what are the charges and the limit for transaction. The card is not valid for payment in Foreign Exchange in Nepal and Bhutan, so is it possible to shop in Nepal using this card?
            Thank you.

          • I think you can withdrawn money from Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. You can withdraw 40000 per day. I Don’t have any idea about its charges.

      • thanks bro for info but today i visited my branch they said i cannt withdraw money in nepal sbi with my debit card coz it is domestic classic visa debit card they said i can withdraw only with visa international debit card is this true??

  16. Hello, I want to send money to My Nepal friend, help for earthquake. Please tell easy process, i have his bank details of Bank of Kathmandu.

  17. Any Idea how can we transfer money to NEpal SBI account using NEFT procedure?? I have SBI account in India as well as in Nepal.

  18. I want to remit money in Nepal.
    My receiptant is a account holder of the bank- I.M.A. Baglung Kushmi Shera,west nepal. what way i apply for remition?

  19. Hi…I have recently joined job in India. Sometime I need to send money urgently to Nepal. Can anyone tell me the best way to send money to Nepal.
    Amrendra jha
    Mobile: +917042887521
    Rajokri, New Delhi

  20. I wants to deposit (transfer) Rs 50000 in MY SBI INDIA A/C from my SBI nepal a/c .is it possible? if yes, how and how much it’s cost(service charge)

  21. Hello, I have a Account with SBI India and i want to transfer money from India sbi to nepal Sbi through Net Banking. Is it Possible??

  22. i sent money to nepal through rtgs form n cheque..but d money is pending in nepal ,,i wrote wrong ifsc code/ swift code,,but d bank authorities say ifsc code is not reqd ,i’m confused y my money is pending then??

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