What is NWD in HDFC Bank Statement?

NWD refers to any type of transaction which is made from an ATM. It is mostly used by private sector banks such as HDFC, which is also known to use other similar terms such as EAW, OWD, ATW, ATS, NFS, and AWB for the Automated Teller Machine withdrawals from the banks. It is an important term related to the field of Banking, especially in the private sector.

The full form of NWD is ‘Network Withdrawal‘. It is the type of transaction when HDFC Bank’s credit card is used to withdraw money from another bank’s ATM. Also, the users should not mix up NWD with EAW. EAW refers to the ‘External Automated Withdrawal‘ which is different from NWD.

The commission charged in the case of NWD transaction is mostly higher than a transaction made by the ATM card of their bank. So, if someone who owns an HDFC ATM card withdraws money from a bank other than HDFC, NWD would be printed on their transaction receipts, indicating that the transaction has been made via an ATM card of any other bank.

In case the person who is having an HDFC card goes ahead and performs a transaction in an HDFC bank ATM, then no NWD fees would be charged. But in this case, ATW would be charged from the customer. For most of the account holders in the bank, a limited number of transactions every month is allowed for free. After that, there would be a charge levied on the customer for the transactions that they make through the ATM.

The charges that are levied on the customers for the NWD in HDFC bank, varies largely. Also, there surely are accounts that do not charge NWD such as the salary account. However, for those who have to pay the NWD charges, generally, the charges start from about Rs 25.

NWD means in HDFC Bank Statement


The ‘Network Withdrawal‘ for the HDFC bank is something that many of the users might have seen in their balance sheet from the bank. Here, we tried to explain why exactly the charges are levied on the users.

Thus we would love to once again reiterate that NWD stands for ‘Network Withdrawal’, which is a type of bank transaction. This gets printed on the transaction receipt if the user withdraws money from an ATM card other than that of the HDFC bank.

Hope that we could answer the doubts that you might have had on the bank transactions that you might have faced to date.


  1. महोदय जी , मेरे बैंक account से NWD शुल्क-3180 काट लिए है क्या वो रुपए वापस हो सकते है ।

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