5 Ways to Trace The ATM Location Using ATM ID

Who would want to stand in the long bank queue waiting for their turn to the cash counter? Not you. Not me.

Thanks to our Fastrack lifestyle that we have been on the go and counting every minute we spend. As a result, the banking system has undergone a paradigm shift in the way cash is being credited and debited. Though the popularity of cashless payments has soared, we all need some cash at our disposal, and ATMs are the modern-day avengers for busy customers.

If you are looking to know the ways to trace the location of an ATM using the ATM ID, we can help you get the required information.

1. Ways to Trace the Location of an ATM Using an ATM ID

It is possible that we tend to forget where we have carried a transaction. However, when we look at our bank account at the end of the month and try to tally the total amount, we might end up in the spiral of forgetfulness. Hence, if you see a translation done and can’t remember the where aspect of it, you can find out the ATM from where you withdrew the cash.

However, in order to find the information regarding the location of an ATM, you will need to have your ATM ID handy. Follow the below-mentioned process to find the exact location of the ATM:

Step 1: Look up from the ATM slip, which you received upon withdrawing some cash from an ATM.

Step 2: Scan the ATM slip properly and diligently to find out the ATM slip number. Usually, all the ATMs have it at the top right corner in the ATM slip.

Step 3: Now similar to the general registration number provided to every student upon joining a school each of the ATMs is assigned with an ATM ID by the bank. However, this ATM ID might not be known to the customers, no matter how loyal they are. So, when you find the ATM slip number, you can contact the respective bank.

atm id on slip

Step 4: Upon communicating all the details to the customer care of the bank, you can share the ATM ID and ask them for the location of the ATM. The customer care agent will share the ATM location with you.

Alternatively, you can also visit the online portal of the bank and visit the ATM ID section to find the location of the ATM.

What to Do if you Lose the ATM ID?

Are you going environment-friendly by not opting for the ATM slip?

Well, this might add up to a hassle when you decide to track the location of your ATM ID. Since you might not have your ATM ID, you will not be able to request the location of the ATM directly.

However, it is still possible to contact the Customer Care Executive of the bank and give them the required details regarding the date of the transaction that you have received as the SMS or online statement.

What are the Other Ways to Find the Location of an ATM?

There are myriads of other ways to find the location of an ATM if you can’t recall from where you have withdrawn the money. You will not require any ATM slip for the following methods:

2. ATM Location by Internet Banking

Do you often use the Internet Banking facility?

In such a case, it is crucial for you to have your username and password handy. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to identify the location of an ATM:

Step 1: Log in to your bank’s net banking website.
Step 2: Look for the personal login and enter your login ID and password in the space provided.
Step 3: In the net banking facility, select the time bracket to track the statement. Keep the time bracket broad so that you may not miss out on the withdrawal information.

atm location in statement using internet banking
Step 4: Scan through the account statement to find the withdrawal that you seek for. In this cell, you will also find a number that is associated with the ATM.
Step 5: You can use this number and search it online to find the branch, bank, and location.

3. ATM Location by SMS

Another crucial way to identify the ways to carry out transactions is from the instant SMS that you receive from the withdrawal. You have to track the bank SMS that you have received on your registered mobile number and look for the short branch codes.

atm cash withdraw sms

Using this short branch code, you can find out the code and trace the location of the SMS.

4. ATM Location by Customer Care

If you are not tech-savvy, you do not have to worry. You can still find out the location of the ATM by contacting the customer care of the bank. The customer care will ask you for the account details. In addition to this, you may also be asked some security questions for verification. Post the verification, the customer care executive will provide you with the information about the ATM withdrawal.

find atm location on passbook

5. Through Passbook

Visit a nearby branch and complete your bank passbook. Now search for transaction details of a particular date, you will get the location of atm from where cash has been withdrawn.

Key Note

There are many Tech and non-tech ways to find out the location of an ATM. Hence, you need not have to stress just following a method to get the location of an ATM. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest bank branch and provide your bank account transaction details to retrieve the information.


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