5 Ways to Check IndusInd Bank Fastag Balance

In India, 90% of citizens love to travel, whether it’s for trips or work purposes. Being an Indian, you also like to travel and have a love for long journeys, right? Hence, national highways connect each and every state and district to make our convenience peaceful. Now, as you are a travel freak, you must be aware of giving taxes to the respected Indian Government for using the highways. Hey, you must be thinking of long, tiring, and frenetic queues at the toll plazas? No, not at all.

The Government of India has announced a Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) with the help of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC), operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) named Fastag. You only have to have a Fastag card with you while you are traveling throughout the journey. This Fastag made commuter’s life effortless and remain your journeys enjoyable.

Fastag was being founded in the year 2014, on 4th November, and introduced to us in 2016. After 2019 our Government made Fastag mandatory for every vehicle, including commercial and non-commercial. All over India, 22 banks are giving services of Fastag to their customers, along with tracking the Fastag account. Likewise, other banks IndusInd Bank, also giving Fastag facilities to its customers.

You only need to visit your IndusInd bank, where you have opened your bank account, and ask for the Fastag account opening. Once your Fastag account has been opened, you will be able to use it during the time of Tax payment. Depending on the frequency of your travel duration, the Fastag card has to be recharge. IndusInd Bank states the validity of the Fastag card for 5 years. In between this time, if your card gets lost or destroyed somehow, you have to give evidence for it while issuing another Fastag for the vehicle.

Our Indian Government issued Fastag to keep clear the toll plaza from traffic and save fuel. Since India is now called Cashless India, you might find Fastag as a part of it. We all use net banking or UPI payment methods to pay money or cash transaction to others. At the toll plazas, Fastag made toll payments cashless for us. But, you need to how you can check your Fastag Balance. To perceive, please keep on reading.

Ways to Check IndusInd Bank Fastag Balance

Every bank has a system to check account balances. Thus, IndusInd Bank also has the process to check Fastag’s account balance. You can check your Fastag card balance through these mediums.

1. Toll-Free Number

If you don’t have enough time to search through the internet or your query stops in one place, then you don’t have to worry. Your IndusInd Bank comes up with an easy and quick technique of a number for a toll-free call facility. This number is available for 24*7 and with the Fastag balance inquiry. You can call this number 18602108887 to know about your Fastag balance at any moment, even at the toll plaza.

2. IndusInd Bank Official Website

IndusInd Bank has its website, where you can check anything related to Fastag, starting from How you can buy the Fastag to How you can recharge it, etc. You can check your Fastag Balance as well by visiting the website.

IndusInd Bank’s website contains all information for Fastag with a detailed description. You can also see Fastag fee varies depending on the vehicle’s class. Since you already have Fastag with IndusInd Bank, you only have to log in to the IndusInd Bank Fastag website to check your account balance.

IndusInd Bank Fastag Balance check number

3. Message Alert

Here, you don’t have to call or check out their website to know Fastag balance. Every time after the tax deduction, one message will drop to your registered mobile number with the rest amount. Automatically, you will get to know the Fastag amount on your card.

4. Fastag Application

We all have so many applications on our mobile phones. These applications have become a vital part of our everyday life now. It’s essential to have particular apps for emergency purposes, which will help you at the point of necessity. The Fastag App is one of the most important, as our Central Government made it compulsory for every traveler. It will help you in a decisive time.

You will notice information related to Fastag, and you can apply for a new Fastag there as well. To know your Fastag balance, you have to put your vehicle class and number in the provided part. That’s it, you will see the result instantly.

5. Email

People often use email for official purposes as well as other crucial reasons. Your Fastag information is also the same way essential. You have to track over your Fastag, its balance, validity, recharge methods, and many more.

If you are thinking about how you can get an email about the Fastag balance inquiry, then here is IndusInd Bank’s email id- [email protected]. For knowing the Fastag balance, you have to mail them asking for your Fastag balance. The bank will instantly revert to you with the result.

IDFC Fastag Services Contact
Customer care Number 1860 210 8887
Email [email protected]


Fastag usage is very tranquil and effortless. For saving fuel and time, our Central Government started Fastag, so that no Vehicles need to wait too long in the queues at the toll booth. Since you are the IndusInd Bank customer and you issued your Fastag from them, your card holds a tag, will be scanned during the toll collection. The Fastag is the RFID system-enabled sticker that needs to stick in front of the car’s windshield, and a scanner at the toll booth will scan the card that verifies all the detail’s authenticity.

After the scanning process, payment deducts itself straight from your account. It takes few seconds only, and you are good to go. However, after every recharge, you will have a cashback for your card. Hope that this article is helpful to your Fastag balance inquiry. If you want to know more information about IndusInd Bank Fastag, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with valuable guidance.


  1. My car no is cg10w 5089
    I gave my document to your agent Mr Deepak Soni bilaspur chhattisgarh still got msg from bank that ur fastag is not updated kindly update my kyc.

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