6 Ways to Check FASTag Balance Online

Reduce time now by avoiding cash payments using the intelligent FASTag function. Many of you know about the application and the recharge process, but now you can check the balance of the FASTag. Let’s dig more about FASTag in this article.

Before going on a national highway, every vehicle will pay money at the pick-up stations. The traffic shortage is one of the biggest problems when people still use cash to pay the toll. Thanks to the government’s recent announcement that FASTag is mandatory for paying the toll, it is now fast and easy to pay.

FASTag is an online toll payment system that uses RFID, to automatically deduct taxes when a vehicle passes the square. You don’t have to wait in the long tail, you can cross the FASTag lane, read the tag and deduct the fee accordingly from the toll station workers. While FASTag has recently gained popularity through its compulsion, you might know how to recharge it and many people may not know how to view the balance. Let’s learn how a FASTag balance control can be performed.

How to Check FASTag Balance Online

If the FASTag is attached to your vehicle, every time you traverse an interchange, money is deducted directly from your account. Do you wonder how to check the balance of FASTag? Here we say four ways to check the balance of FASTags:

1. Checking from Website

You will have the opportunity to apply for a FASTag, recharge, and check balance through 13 banks. Here is how you can check the website balance:

  • Visit the website of the bank and find the FASTag portal
  • Log in to the ‘FASTag Portal
  • Click on the ‘View Balance‘ option

Your issuer agency will provide you with a complete FASTag account statement on its website. You can log in and check your FASTag balance with a statement of all deductions on your FASTag account. You must register as a retail customer at the bank before you log in.

2. Through Missed Call

For checking the FASTag balance, you can give a missed call to the bank. The mobile number from where you give a missed call should be registered in the prepaid wallet of the NHAI or National Highways Authority of India. If you haven’t applied for the FASTag yet, make sure you do it immediately.

FASTag Bank Name Missed Call Balance Enquiry Number
1. Axis Bank 7287999990
2. Bank Of Baroda 8882510965
3. National Highways Authority of India +91-8884333331
4. ICICI BANK 801092888
5. HDFC Bank 720-805-3999

3. From Mobile

Along with the website, you can check the FASTag balance from your smart device.

  • For ICICI Bank, you can Log in to the eToll app
  • Explore your wallet to check the balance
  • Now, go to the Tag Account Number and check the Account balance

check fastag balance online

4. SMS

A look into your inbox is one of the easiest ways of checking the FASTag balance. Once you are registered for the FASTag service, every time the toll is deducted, you will receive an SMS update. Now, you may be wondering about how to verify my balance FASTag.

The answer is to check the last FASTag deductions message you received. The balance can be traced from that. You will also be notified, along with the amount of the deduction, of your FASTag account balance, low balance notifications, mail payments, and recharge confirms.

5. Email

Like SMS, every time the FASTag balance is deducted, you will receive email communication on your registered ID. Monthly statements will also be made by email. Check the mails to see the balance of the FASTag.

6. Contact Customer Care

You can also call the Bank Fastag customer care toll-free number to enquire about your FASTag balance. You can inscribe in any banking area for the FASTag program and skip the queue. All national payments are available for CashBack. With the help of your credit or debit card, you can recharge your FASTag account.

The FASTag balance can also be renewed via check, NEFT, or RTGS. And more importantly, all your toll tax costs with FASTag can be easily recorded. Every step of the way you receive the text, email, or call your FASTag balance.

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