What is Sold Holding in Zerodha?

Nowadays, with modern times and sensibilities in people, they have started acknowledging the importance of investing in the stock market. Earlier this was done manually and any important information was passed on by hidden sources. However, with the change in technology and the introduction of a variety of applications, this process has become more secure, speedy, and easy.

Zerodha is one of the ultra-fast trading platforms which are responsible for streaming the data from the market. In addition to this, it also makes use of advanced charts, an efficient user interface, and many more attractive features. This application lets its users enjoy a seamless experience both on android and iOS platforms. Zerodha is also popular by the name of ‘Kite’.

Zerodha provides a great opportunity to its users to sell off their holdings anytime. The stocks in the user’s Demat account do not have any sort of exchange mapped on them. This is why the user can sell them off anytime in one exchange. The user is also free to sell their stocks, the very next day of the purchase in BSE or NSE as per their choice. Zerodha reflects the holdings as per the price being reflected on the exchange by default. Herein the closing of the stocks is on the higher side.

As soon as the user selects the exit option from their holdings, the exchange by default opens in the form of their order. However, if the user wishes to sell their holdings via some other platform like BSE or NSE they can also add their desired stock on the Zerodha watchlist where they can even sell it as per their choice.

What Does Sold Holding mean in Zerodha?

Basically, in simple terms ‘sold holding‘ in Zerodha means that the holder’s share has been sold successfully. If the user wishes to close the position and buys the share back, he can do that. This will be seen in his holdings and this will be considered as an intraday trade.

 sold holding in zerodha

In professional terms, the users also call it exiting the position. It means that users are closing their positions or selling the shares that they had purchased. For example, if the user has bought some shares of any stock then these shares will be shown in their Demat account. Now, if the user wishes to sell the shares then he can go to the ‘options’ tab and click on the ‘exit‘ button. By pressing this button the user will be able to exit his position from the share market. Immediately after this action, the sell window opens where the user can enter the number of shares they wish to sell, their price, and other details.

With the progressive inventions taking place day by day it has become easier to operate the trading account by the new users as well. Moreover, if they are professional then the users can make the most of the share market with Zerodha. This application facilitates its users to make the most of the trading market. With groundbreaking innovations, excellent usability, and easy access to information Zerodha has made the stock market game simple and easy. Now, anyone can make use of its features to enter with a bang in the trading field.

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