3 Ways To Check IDBI Bank FASTag Balance Online

Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) Fastag is a device based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It is a fast, trouble-free, electronic toll payment system that enables its users to make toll payments directly from their Prepaid Fastag Wallet and drive through toll plazas throughout India without stopping to make cash payments there. It helps to keep toll plazas congestion-free.

The Fastag wallets are linked to users’ IDBI Savings Bank accounts or Current accounts. IDBI Fastag is a thick paper-based tag that contains a chip and antenna inside its layers and is affixed on the user’s vehicle’s windscreen. The necessary information is read at the toll plaza from the Fastag through the Radio Frequency Identification method.

After a Fastag is issued, it is usually valid for five years, and you can recharge it or top-up your transaction needs.

By using IDBI Fastag online service, you can view and check your FASTag wallet balance online. If you are using Prepaid Fastag Wallet, then you should know the process to Check IDBI FASTag Balance. Let’s do it!

Different Ways to Check IDBI FASTag Balance

Suppose you are using the IDBI Prepaid Fastag Wallet to pay the toll charges, and you want to know your Fastag wallet balance, but you are still doubtful and wondering how to Check your IDBI FASTag Balance. For that reason, you can read the below-written information and follow some simple and easy steps.

There are many different methods to view and check your IDBI Prepaid Fastag Wallet balance, such as:

1. By logging in to the IDBI Fastag official Website

  • Login to the IDBI Bank FASTag official website, “www.idbibank.in/fastag.”
  • After that, log in to your IDBI Bank FASTag account.
  • Now, you will see the current balance amount in your IDBI Bank prepaid FASTag Wallet.

idbi fastag login

2. Through SMS alert notification

As you are aware that the toll charges amount will be automatically deducted from your IDBI Bank Prepaid Fastag Wallet’s balance amount whenever you are crossing a toll plaza. But you should also know an alert text message notification will be sent to your mobile phone, showing you the current balance amount in your FASTag wallet.

Whenever you recharge or top-up your IDBI Bank Prepaid Fastag Wallet, you will receive an SMS text message notification, through which you can see your up-to-date balance amount of your Fastag Wallet.

If, after the deduction of the toll charges from your IDBI Bank FASTag Wallet’s balance amount, the required minimum balance amount becomes low as per their standard norms, then you will receive an SMS alert text message on your mobile phone, showing you the latest available balance amount in your wallet.

3. By Calling the Customer Care Service Toll-Free number

Simply call IDBI Bank customer care’s toll-free number 18002661962, and you can know the current balance amount in your IDBI Prepaid Fastag Wallet.

idbi fastag toll free number

So, by simply going through the methods mentioned above, you can quickly Check IDBI FASTag Balance without any hassle.

The Final Thoughts

After thoroughly following this article, we expect you will have learned the necessary information to clear all your doubts and queries.

However, still, if any problematic situation arises before you concerning your FASTag wallet at the toll plaza, you can contact the IDBI Bank customer care’s toll-free number, 18002661962, to make the situation clear.

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