How to Reset NPS Login Password Online

NPS is an acronym for National Pension Scheme. Under this scheme, NPS subscribers are allowed to contribute on a regular basis to an NPS account during their working life until they retire from their work. After retirement, they are allowed to withdraw a permitted percentage of the total money invested (which is also known as the corpus amount) in their NPS account, and the remaining corpus amount can be used for buying an annuity plan to earn a secured regular income for them in the future.

When an NPS subscriber completes the registration process for opening an NPS account, he/she will be allotted a unique 12-digit Permanent Retirement Account Number (or PRAN), which will be the user ID to log in to the website of eNPS-NSDL.

Also, you should know that as a security measure taken as a precaution against fraud and misuse by any unauthorized access to an NPS account, each NPS subscriber is also allotted a unique and secret password, which is also known as Internet Personal Identification Number (or IPIN). The NPS subscriber’s allotted IPIN has been made essential to be used to log in to an NPS account.

Those NPS subscribers who need to generate or reset an IPIN for security reasons or have forgotten their NPS IPIN are allowed to do so by following some set procedures according to eNPS-NSDL requirements.

Steps to Reset Your Forgot NPS Login Password Online

If you are an NPS subscriber and you want to access your NPS account. But for some reason, you forgot your NPS login password, then rest assured. Fortunately, you are at the right place. In this article, we are providing you with all the necessary and critical information as well as easy-to-learn step-by-step guidance on how you can reset your forgotten NPS password online. So stay tuned with us, and please continue reading this post till the last word is written for your help.

Simply follow the below-written simple and easy steps, such as follows:

Step 1. Open your mobile phone. Then visit and open the NSDL official website“. Next, you must click on the “Reset Password” option under the “Subscribers” login section.

nps login password reset

Step 2. Now, a window will open up before you on a fresh interface. Here you will have to choose an option between the two given options, such as: “Reset Password using the secret question” and “Instant Set/ Reset Password.”

Please note that in case you want to set or reset your NPS account password with the help of the secret questions and answers set by you initially at the time of logging into your NPS account, you will have to choose the Reset Password using the personal question option.

instant set reset password nps

Whereas, in case you want to set or reset your NPS account password through an OTP received on your registered mobile number or through “Nodal Office” or through the “Point of Presence (or PoP),” you will have to choose the Instant Set/ Reset Password option.

Here, we choose the Instant Set/ Reset Password option.

Step 3. Now, we will see two options: “Nodal Office” and “Generate OTP.” Here, we will choose the “Generate OTP” option to proceed.

set new login password nps

Next, enter the required information such as your “PRAN,” your Date of birth, the option to receive OTP (via SMS or email), and your new password, then enter the new password again to confirm the given Captcha code. Then click on the “Submit” button.

Step 4. After that, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number or email ID as per your choice. Enter the OTP and your mobile number on the portal as required. Then, click on the “Submit” button.

otp reset nps password

Now, you will receive an acknowledgment number and some other information. It means that your new NPS account password is generated or reset Successfully. So this way, you can easily and quickly learn about how you can generate or reset a new NPS login password online smoothly; without much hassle.

Memorable Thoughts In Conclusion

Hopefully, after sincerely absorbing the knowledge and information provided in this article and following some easy instructions described above, you will have learned about how you can generate or reset a new NPS login password online.

However, in case you are still perplexed, facing some problems, or unable to sort out some issues or queries, or grievances related to generating or resetting a new NPS login password online, then you should make contact “Protean eGov Technologies Limited” through the telephone number: (022) 2499 3499, or fax number: 022 – 2495 – 2594 / 022 – 2499 – 4974, or toll-free number for registered NPS subscribers: 1800 – 222 – 080 (Remember that PRAN is mandatory to use this contact number).

NSDL eGov officials will shortly respond to your request to help and guide you through appropriately and satisfactorily in the best possible way.

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