How to Find UPI Transaction Reference Number in Google Pay

Google Pay is a mobile payment service application designed by Google. It launched 12 years ago on 26th May 2011 as Google Wallet and gradually turned the name and form into Google Pay 5 years ago on 8th January 2018. It’s one of the popular unified payment interfaces that already crossed 150 million users across 40 countries. In India, we use it as the most trusted payment platform. Google Pay uses near-field communication (NFC) to avoid credit or debit cards and magnetic stripes that make the transactions contactless payments. Therefore, this Google Pay became the most trusted and easily usable digital payment platform.

With every payment we make, the UPI Transaction number creates. This UPI Transaction Number helps to track down or collectively follow the trail of the particular payment. Here, one thing you need to know is that UPI Transaction Id, transaction ref id, and UPI Transaction Reference Number are similar. It basically refers to a UTR number itself.

Every time a Google Pay user uses it to pay or fund transfer in any way, a new UTR number adds to it. It only needs when any error is found in the particular transaction to fix it. Every bank uses the UTR number to identify an NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS transaction.

Steps to Find UPI Transaction Reference Number in Google Pay

As we mentioned earlier, this UPI Transaction ref Id is to identify or track down a particular transaction amongst all the transactions you have made. Since you have the query to find out the UPI Transaction Id and you couldn’t understand how to divulge it, then we must presume you’re in the righteous locale. Keep reading till the end to discover.

Step 1: Start by opening your Google Pay installed on your phone screen. Here you’ll see the interface where various modes of payment or funding are. Scroll down beneath the screen, and you will get to see the ‘Show Transaction History’ option. Click on it to get inside.

show transaction history in google pay

Step 2: Here, you will see all your transactions lie in a queue. Click on any payment you made or received.

transactions in google pay

Step 3: You can see patently all the details of that one payment and its UPI Transaction Id.

UPI Transaction Reference Number in Google Pay

Though finding the UPI Transaction Id or UPI Transaction Reference Number is not very difficult, many feel it is vexing. Google Pay users can’t find it because of a little prickly about getting befuddled between UPI Transaction Reference Number and UPI Transaction Id.


Google Pay is one of the most trusted and user-friendly digital payment platforms of all. These platforms made the electronic economy system far more easy-breezy than before. It not only started the journey of a Cashless India but also brought us more comfortable at the same time, secure fund handling circumference. And people in India can not think otherwise of GPay now.

We are almost hooked on it, likewise the other digital payment platforms. We need to link our bank account to the GPay to get the benefits we have mentioned. Google Pay is the second-most used UPI application in the country at the present time. Now, we assume you got your inquiry about finding the UTR number in Gpay solved through these steps. Therefore, enjoy the hassle-free services of the digital economic system at your convenience.

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